Here's a real true story that happened this evening!

Like all good stories, it begins with me coming within close proximity to Sam's malignant computer. Here's me, doing my best to type given the circumstances.

The towers of cans kinda freaks me out, so I dump them all in 30 gallon rubbermaid container.. it's pretty heavy.

The sticky keys are still problem, so it becomes obvious that the only way to type is to use a chisel. Little known fact: just like rolling back drivers, you can roll-back hardware.

Little do I know, a horrible DrPeppewrath has spawned in my hallway. Oh no, who will save me?... DUM DUM DUM

Yay, it's Skull Panda! He's always lookin out for folks like you n' me.

UHG! Skull panda takes a can in the face!

Skull Panda springs into action!

Skull panda beats the crap out the Pepperwrath. Take that!

He looks up to Skull Panda's warm halo..

..expecting mercy as all good heros offer..


The kitties gasp in horror.. Poor Pepperwrath, he didn't really deserve that.

But you know, everyone has their own way of dealing with problems, and the kitties respect that. I think we could all learn a little bit from Panda.

Anyways, looks like my time's up. Rikk will be covering for us next week, so look forward to (or away from) it!


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