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Sam and Fuzzy Kickstarter Originals

All these pictures were drawn to help fundraise for the Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus' much-requested slipcover and commentary stretch goals! Most were based on subjects and characters selected randomly by dice rolling and this chart. Click 'em to view larger versions!

Each drawing is available to buy for a $100 kickstarter pledge, or an add-on to an existing pledge! (Or, if you have selected the "Commissioner of Fate" tier, you can pick one of these drawings to be your included commission.)

Just email me to tell me which one you'd like, and if it's still available, we'll make it happen!

Lance and Andrea get pretty to promote literacy (SOLD)
Butcher and Alphonso get pretty just because (SOLD)
Sam, Fuzzy and Fridge battle to the death
Fuzzy, Aaron, Sasha and Mr. Blank enjoy a hot tub
Gertrude and Ms. Potts Battle
Dr. Crab, Conscience Cat and Chompy Battle (SOLD)
Gertrude, Mr. Blank and Mr. Black start a band (the band is Daft Punk I guess) (SOLD)
Baker and Fuzzy switch roles
Nicole, Alphonso and Conscience Cat get rebooted grim and gritty style
Nicole Pin-up (SOLD)
Mr. Sin, Gertrude and Fridge play strip poker (SOLD)
Fuzzy, Dev and Sam learn a valuable strip-poker-related lesson (SOLD)
Candice and Chompy ride a dinosaur (SOLD)
Sasha and Nicole go on a Date
Aaron, Fuzzy and Dev parody Teen Titans
Fuzzy, Bonus, Butcher and Baker parody TMNT (SOLD)
Mr. Blank, Alphonso and Mr. Sin parody X-Men (SOLD)