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This is a full story from my webcomic, Sam and Fuzzy, that ran earlier this year. (I chopped it into two pieces to keep the file sizes down.)

Sam and Fuzzy has been running for a bit over seven years now, and has somewhere around 25,000 regular unique readers. Age-wise, it skews more towards 13-and-up, but I know you wanted to see some of my sequential work, and Sam and Fuzzy is probably the best example of what I can do in that format.

Know-it-Alls is a recurring feature I illustrate in KNOW, a Canadian science magazine for readers age 6-9. (I also do all the page layouts as well.) These are a couple of my favourites.

Here are some sample illustrations of the characters I created for YES Mag's "Survival Science" issue. (YES Mag is KNOW's sibling magazine for older children ages 10-15.) Other drawings of the "survival twins" were scattered throughout the articles. I actually wrote the text for the double-page spread, as well. (Claire Barry was the colourist for this article.)

YES Mag and KNOW handed out these trading cards at science summer camps to help promote their magazines. I designed them and drew all the illusrations. You can find more of them online at and

The intro page of YES Mag's bears article, drawn as a parody of Winnie-the-Pooh.

The intro page of YES Mag's simple machines article, drawn as a parody of Dr. Seuss.

A sample spot illustration from YES Mag's four-part feature on the science of "nothing." (Black holes, zero, etc.) Each article had a different spot, and I did all the page layouts as well. We actually won an Association of Educational Publisher's award for this feature. (Hooray!)

This is a photo/illustration montage I created for YES Mag's "Canadian Wonders" issue.