Sam and Fuzzy Fight Book Club

In case you didn't know, everyone who picks up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence, or who backed our kickstarter, becomes a member of the Sam and Fuzzy Book Club! We've got one last big bundle of goodies for this year's members... but if you haven't already bought a book, you can nab one now and still get it!

Bonus Pack 3-3 and 3-4 MEGABUNDLE

Everyone who picks up a copy of our new book on or before Dec 18th (on it's own or in a book bundle), or who contributed to the Sam and Fuzzy Kickstarter, will score this double-sized final pack of goodies:

-Three brand new desktop backgrounds, featuring a Street Fighter parody, Teenage Mutant Bender Turtleducks and the member-selected Magazine Cover Montage! (Available in all standard monitor resolutions, including Retina displays)

-Eight vertically-oriented versions, including textless versions of the magazine covers, suitable to use as backgrounds for mobile devices or vertical monitors

But remember... you have to order by Dec 18 to get in on this action. Otherwise, you will miss out. Your life will be rendered essentially meaningless. You will become a shell of a person. Don't let that happen! React to this high pressure sales pitch!

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