Twitter Sketch-off:
Sam and Fuzzy: Halloween 2013

All these pictures were drawn in rapid succession on Oct 28, 2013, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Black-and-white pieces are $25; marker-coloured pieces are $50 (black-and-white pieces can be coloured on request); shipping is $5 to the US and Canada or $9 for international.)

Skull Panda and Brain as Venom (SOLD)
Sam as The Doctor(s) (SOLD)
Fuzzy as the Sorcerer's Apprentice (SOLD)
Conscience Cat as Tyler Durden (SOLD)
Devahi as Card Captor Sakura, Conscience Cat as Kero
Sam and Fuzzy as Fridge
Mr. Sin as the Headless Horseman (SOLD)
Aaron and Buddy as Red and Magikarp (SOLD)
Fuzzy as Beck (Mighty No. 9)
Dev as Shantae
Nicole as Sexy Ryan North
Mr. Sin, Buddy and Nicole as Beetlejuice, Sandworm and Lydia (SOLD)
Jess as Mystique (SOLD)
Dev as Michonne (Walking Dead) (SOLD)
Sam as Totoro (SOLD)
Gert and Baker as Mononoke and wolf (SOLD)
Gert and Conscience Cat as Fionna and Cake (SOLD)
Mr. Sin as Skeletor
Fuzzy as an Attack on Titan giant (SOLD)
Candyskull Make-up Nicole (SOLD)
Dev as Ruby Red (SOLD)
X and Y as Merle and Daryl (Walking Dead) (SOLD)
Bonus and Fuzzy as Sonic and Shadow
Rexford as a Mafia Ninja
Hazel and Brain as Sailor Moon and Luna (SOLD) Fuzzy as the Ninja Turtles (SOLD) Sam & Blank (Willis) as Iron Man and Cap making out (wooooo) (SOLD)
Roger the Disembodied Head and Robert Boyle as Kraang and Shredder (SOLD)
Dev as Ryuko (SOLD)
Hazel and Gert as JSA Sandman and Pyro (SOLD)
Edwin as Dio Brando (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) (SOLD)
Baker as a hot dog (SOLD)
Blacksad Alphonso and Conscience Cat (SOLD)