Twitter Sketch-off:
Sam and Fuzzy: Halloween 2015

All these pictures were drawn in rapid succession on Oct 26, 2015, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Black-and-white pieces are $25; marker-coloured pieces are $50 (black-and-white pieces can be coloured on request); shipping is $5 to the US and Canada or $10 for international.)

Jess as Mystique (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy as Rick and Morty (SOLD)
Fridge as Elsa (SOLD)
Kirby as Brain (and Fuzzy as Waddle Dee)
Sam and Sin as Darkwing Duck and Megavolt
Sam and Fuzzy as Archie and Jughead (SOLD)
Fuzzy as Wicket the Ewok (SOLD)
Fuzzy and Brain as Dipper and Bill Cipher (SOLD)
Dev and Conscience Cat as Hazel and Brain (SOLD)
Mr Sin as Darth Vader
Fuzzy as Skull Panda
Nicole as Cinderella (and Grrbils as various mice) (SOLD)
Hazel as Furiosa (SOLD)
Gert as a Roller Derby player (SOLD)
Rexford as Hagrid (SOLD)
Sin and Fridge as Handsome Jack and Claptrap (SOLD)
Sam and Dev as the Doctor and Amy Pond (SOLD)
Sin as Papyrus from Undertale (SOLD)
Fuzzy as Rocket Racoon
Dev as Red from Transistor (SOLD)
Hazel and Brain as Samus and a Metroid (SOLD)
Gert as Satsuki from Kill la Kill (SOLD)
Sam as Dr Horrible (SOLD)
Hazel and Brain as Rey and BB-8
Sam as a Pirate (SOLD)