Twitter Sketch-off:
Sam and Fuzzy: Halloween 2016

All these pictures were drawn in rapid succession on Oct 31, 2016, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Black-and-white pieces are $25; marker-coloured pieces are $50 (black-and-white pieces can be coloured on request); shipping is $6 to the US and Canada or $10 for international.)

Fuzzy as the Dovahkiin (SOLD)
Hazel and Brain as Pinky and the Brain (SOLD)
Dev as Rey (SOLD)
Rexford and Chompy as Green Arrow and Speedy
Sam and Fuzzy as Cosmic Boy and Livewire (SOLD)
Jess as Amethyst
Aaron and Buddy as Wander and the Colossus (SOLD)
Butcher and Baker as Litten and Rockruff
Fuzzy as Danganronpa
Nicole as Lucifer (SOLD)
Dev as Gremlin D.Va (SOLD)
Dev, Jess and Gert as the Powerpuff Girls (SOLD)
Dev and Conscience Cat as Mikasa and a Titan
Dev as Saber from Fate (SOLD)
Fuzzy and Ackerman as Grandma Ben and Lucius (SOLD)
Conscience Rexford (SOLD)
Gert as a Nurse Witch (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy as Sam and Max (SOLD)
Jess as Jenova (SOLD)
Evil Dev (SOLD)
Sam and Dev as Ghostbusters
Fuzzy as a Care Bare (BOYYLLLEEE) (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy as Ninja Sex Party (SOLD)
Gert and Jess as Harley Quinn(s) (SOLD)
Sam and Susan as Sonic and Knuckles
Fuzzy in Fallout 4 Power Armor