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Sam and Fuzzy: Incognito 2014

All these 8.5 x 11" original cartoons were drawn in rapid succession on July 14, 2014, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. (The theme was charcters in disguise, undercover, or otherwise miseleadingly dressed!) Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Black-and-white pieces are $25... or if you'd like, I can colour them with copic markers for $50. Shipping is $5 to the US and Canada or $9 for international orders.)

Sam as Conscience Cat (SOLD)
Fuzzy as a Normal Human Man
Brain as Santa (SOLD)
Rexford as a burlesque dancer (SOLD)
Frdige as a Tardis (SOLD)
Sin as a talk show host (with robot Bonus sidekick)
Skull Panda as Teddy from Teddy Knows Best (SOLD)
X and Y as Baywatch lifeguards (SOLD)
Malcolm as a Space Gopher
Fuzzy as Alexa's housecat
Sasha as Fact Copy host Susan Smith
Mr. Sin as Skull Panda
Everyone as Jess Star
Sam and Fuzzy as magicians (SOLD)
Fuzzy, Bonus, and Chompy (SOLD)
Nicole as a Disney Princess (SOLD)
Sam Logan as Rikk Estoban
Sam and Fuzzy infiltrate a Pokemon tourney (SOLD)
Mr. X infiltrates Smash Bros. (SOLD)
Grrtrude is not very convincing
Butcher and Baker as Baker and Butcher (SOLD)
Bonus and Fuzzy go to an anime convention
Aaron as a burlesque performer
Nicole as a burlesque performer (SOLD)
Fuzzy as a burlesque performer Mr. Sin throws the World Cup for Team Ninja Mafia Rexford infiltrates Catopolis (SOLD)
Grrbils impersonate a Ninja Mafioso (SOLD)