Inktober Originals
October 2018

All these pictures were drawn over the course of October, 2018. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Prices for individual drawings are as marked. Pieces can be coloured for an extra $25. Shipping is $6 to the US and Canada or $10 for international, and is a flat fee if you order multiple drawings.

Hexadecimal ($35)
Spider-Punk ($35)
Donaphangelardo ($35) (SOLD)
Ridley and Isabelle ($35)
Peach Crown Madness ($45)
Tails and T-Pup ($40)
Nicole ($45) (SOLD)
Bad Janet ($35)
Corgi Venom ($35)
Rocket Knight ($45) (SOLD)
Mummy Jess ($45) (SOLD)
Dr. Ms. The Monarch ($45) (SOLD)
Amphibia (SOLD)
Rayman and Barbara ($40)
Pearl ($40) (SOLD)
King of all Cosmos ($40)
Eraser Head ($40)
Zombie Mario and Balloon Luigi ($40)
Marceline ($35)
Bayonetta ($40)
Ghost Gert ($45) (SOLD)
Hollow Knight Stag ($45) (SOLD)
The Beast ($45) (SOLD)
Robin from Iconoclasts ($35)
Gum from Jet Set Radio ($35)
Dante from Coco ($40) (SOLD)
Lydia from Beetlejuice ($40)
Witch Dev ($40)
Luci from the Wicked and the Divine ($35)
Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures ($45) (SOLD)
The Stalk from Saga ($40)
Bowser, Ganon, and King Dedede ($45)
Pirahna Plant and Geno (RIP) ($20)