Inktober Originals
October 2019

All these pictures were drawn over the course of October, 2019. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Prices for individual drawings are as marked, and are in USD. Pieces can be coloured for an extra $25 USD. Shipping is $6 to the US and Canada or $10 for international, and is a flat fee if you order multiple drawings.

Doctor Octopus (Ends of the Earth) ($40)
Rottytops ($40)
Sonic the Werehog ($40)
Doctor Octopus and Aunt May($45)
Gomez and Morticia Addams ($45)
Peg and Pete ($45)
Mario Vs. Mollusque Lanceur ($45)
Doctor Strange ($40)
Mickey, Doctor Frankenollie, and the Mad Doctor ($45)
Doctor Octopus (Spider-Verse) ($40) (SOLD)
Octoling ($40) (SOLD)
Octoroks Vs. Link ($40) (SOLD)
Donald, Daffy, and Ink & Paint Club Bartender ($45) (SOLD)
Doctor Octopus (Spider-Man PS4) ($40) (SOLD)
Doctor Aphra ($40) (SOLD)
Herr Doctor ($40) (SOLD)
Ursula ($40) (SOLD)
Dr. Teeth ($40) (SOLD)
Dr. Maria Torres ($40) (SOLD)
Sonic Vs. Mega Octus ($45) (SOLD)
Doctor Octopus (Superior Spider-Man) ($40) (SOLD)
Nosk (Hollow Knight) ($40) (SOLD)
Dark Samus ($40) (SOLD)
Pikachu and Mimikyu ($40) (SOLD)
Zim and Dib-Gir ($40) (SOLD)
Dr. Mrs. The Monarch and The Monarch ($45) (SOLD)
Ruby and Sapphire ($40) (SOLD)
Murdoc Nichols ($40) (SOLD)
skekTek ($40) (SOLD)
Plague Knight and Mona ($45) (SOLD)
Luigi and Boos ($45) (SOLD)
Dev Pin-Up 3 ($45) (SOLD)
Dev Pin-Up 5 ($45) (SOLD)