Inktober Originals
October 2017

All these pictures were drawn over the course of October, 2017. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Prices for individual drawings are as marked. Pieces can be coloured for an extra $25. Shipping is $6 to the US and Canada or $10 for international, and is a flat fee if you order multiple drawings.

Dipper (SOLD)
Sonic ($40)
Ristar ($30)
Risky Boots ($35)
Zim ($35) (SOLD)
Hellboy ($35) (SOLD)
Turkey Jess Star ($35)
Garnet ($35) (SOLD)
Princess Peach ($35) (SOLD)
Gertrude ($40) (SOLD)
Mac (SOLD)
Squirrel Girl ($40) (SOLD)
All Might (SOLD)
Mummy Gal ($35) (SOLD)
K-2SO and Porg ($40) (SOLD)
Nicole ($40)
Princess Carolyn ($35)
Uptown Funk Waluigi ($35)
Spectre Knight ($40)
Ratchet and Clank ($35)
Dark Thing ($35)
Andrea and Alexa ($70) (SOLD)
Megavolt ($35)
Grunkle Stan and Bill ($45) (SOLD)
Beatrice ($35)
Halloween Fuzzy ($30)
Dinosaur Mario and Yoshi ($40)
Harley Quinn ($35)
Sam and Max as Sam and Fuzzy ($45) (SOLD)
Zombie Dev ($35)
Dai Li Hazel ($35)
Gollum Sam ($35)
Salmon Fuzzy ($35)
Sailor Moon Dev ($35)
2B Sam ($35)
Ramona Flowers Nic ($35)
Sam and Fuzzy as Fuzzy and Sam ($35)
Aaron and Mario Buddy ($35)
Gravity Falls Sam, Gert, and Brain ($35)
Speedy Serviche ($35)
Captain Marvel Fuzzy and Sam ($60) (SOLD)