Twitter Sketch-off:
Sam and Fuzzy: New Careers (with bonus Valentines)

All these pictures were drawn in rapid succession on February 13, 2013, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings for $25 each (plus $5 shipping to US and Canada, or $9 for international), just email me!

Organ Grinder Nicole (SOLD)
Bear Tamer Fuzzy (SOLD)
Pope Fuzzy (SOLD)
Mall Santa Sin (SOLD)
Librarian Gert (SOLD)
Sam/Nic/Fuzzy Reality TV judges (SOLD)
Sam/Fuzzy DREDD judges (SOLD)
Clown Stripper Sam
Therapist Hazel/Brain (SOLD)
Butcher & Baker (SOLD)
Pirate Sam (SOLD)
Space Trucker Dev & Fuzzy
Sea World Aaron & Buddy (SOLD)
Conscience Dev (SOLD)
Crowbar Dealer Sin (SOLD)
Flintstone Fuzzy
Stockboy Rexford (SOLD)
QC Tequila Monster Fuzzy (SOLD)
Radiation Therapist Sam (SOLD)
Mad Scientist Dev (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy author Fuzzy (SOLD)
Steampunk Rexford Blimp Pilot Hazel (SOLD)
Weatherman Malcolm (SOLD)
Boxerhockey Sam & Nic (SOLD)
Stormtrooper X and Y (SOLD)
Jurassic Park Tourguide Rexford (SOLD)
Nurses Nic & Dev (SOLD)
Bartender Aaron (SOLD)
Singer Sam & Roadie Nic (SOLD)
Dentist Fuzzy
Cupid Conscience Cat (SOLD)
Kissogram Buddy (SOLD)
Heartmobile Sin
Yoga Instructors Fridge & Rexford (SOLD)
Pin-Up Skull Panda (SOLD)
Ballroom Brain & Baker (SOLD)
Burlesque Gertrude (SOLD)
Carlos finds Love
"Love is Dead" Nic (SOLD)
Companion Cube Fridge (SOLD)
Burlesque Hazel (SOLD)
Butcher & Baker (colour) (SOLD)
President Rexford (SOLD)
Sam & Nic Boxerhockey (SOLD)
Radiation Therapist Sam (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy author Fuzzy (SOLD)
Sam/Nic/Fuzzy Reality TV judges (SOLD)
Conscience Cupid (SOLD)
Secret Agent Gert(SOLD)