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Sam and Fuzzy: Valentines 2014

All these 8 x 5.5" original cartoons were drawn in rapid succession on Feb 14, 2014, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. (The theme was pin-ups, but we drifted around it a lot.) Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings, just email me! Black-and-white pieces are $25; marker-coloured pieces are $50 (black-and-white pieces can be coloured on request); shipping is $5 to the US and Canada or $8 for international.)

Dev as Lara Croft (SOLD)
Gert as Betty Boop
Nic as Jessica Rabbit
Sid and Christy "Living in Sin" novel cover (SOLD)
Mr. Sin as George Costanza's Timeless Art of Seduction
Morris and Cooper Noir (SOLD)
Cowboy Sam
Role-model Fuzzy
Sugar-skull Gert (SOLD)
Hazel as Annette Funicello
Aaron is bad at swords
Jess' Secret Variable Size Bra ad (SOLD)
Fuzzy and Dev romance
Aaron's fanfiction cover
Mr. Y is Sexy (SOLD)
Gothic Gert (SOLD)
Jess enacts her OTP
Candice as the Bride
Steampunk Hazel (SOLD)
Alphonso and Butcher eat Spagetti
"Draw me like one of your French Grrbils, Renaldo"
Sailor Ackerman
Nic as Magic's Liliana Vess (SOLD)
Sasha as Diacon IV
Nic as Ada Wong (SOLD) Cowgirl Jess X and Y mudwrestling
Fact Copy reporter Susan Smith (SOLD)
Candyskull Gert (coloured) (SOLD)
Alexa wearing Kimono (SOLD)
Sam and Nic lounge act (SOLD)
Noir Morris and Cooper (coloured) (SOLD)