Twitter Sketch-off:
Sam and Fuzzy: Surprise Plot Twists

All these pictures were drawn in rapid succession on April 18, 2013, based on live suggestions sent from Sam and Fuzzy readers. Click 'em to view larger versions!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original drawings for $25 each (plus $5 shipping to US and Canada, or $9 for international), just email me!

Rexford is a puppet (SOLD)
Sam and orphan become supervillains (SOLD)
Conscience Cat runs Google ads (SOLD)
Rikk invents Sam Logan
Carlyle is Robert Boyle (SOLD)
Sam ears are glued on
Aaron has four robot hands
Grrbils become Renaldo's models (SOLD)
Dev and Hazel are both really Candice
Conscience Cat is Dev and Gert's father (SOLD)
Conscience Cat is Mr. Sin
Dr. Crab drinks the Chateau Mort Noir (SOLD)
These stupid pants control Sam (SOLD)
Mr. Sin is keeping Mr. Blank's head in Fridge (SOLD)
Buddy becomes galactic Overlord with pet Aaron and Mr. Blank rebuilt with robot Fuzzy parts (SOLD)
Alphonso auditions at the Saucy Hippo (SOLD)
Malcolm is steam powered (SOLD)
Mr. Stabbs knows the access code (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy hug it out (SOLD)
Fuzzy is really an escaped circus bear (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy stop everything to go look for Dragonballs (SOLD)
Sam escapes to the QC dimension (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy are bad at badminton
Handface cameos to walk Baker (SOLD)
Aaron is secretly Megaman (SOLD)
Sam and Fuzzy are Daft Punk (SOLD) Sam & Dev are really robot clones (SOLD)
Noosehead rebrands as Nicehead
Dev takes over the Ninja Mafia (SOLD)
Skull Panda chestburster (SOLD)