SAM & FUZZY, by Sam Logan (updates M/W/F)

Current story:

The NMS Series (2009 - )

Our current story can be enjoyed without any previous knowledge of Sam and Fuzzy, and is the perfect place for new readers to start!

Volume One Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem

Troubled by ninja mafiosos? Gangster gerbils? Vampire stalkers? Don't worry! Sam and Fuzzy can fix your problem. Now, if only someone could fix theirs...

Volume Two Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous

Sam and Fuzzy used to be cool, back before they got popular. But now, the spectre of celebrity threatens to tear the duo apart.

Volume Three Under the Influence

Fuzzy needs help, and a shadowy cabal of powerful criminals can provide it. But is he willing to let Sam pay the price?

Volume Four Sam and Fuzzy Ruined Everything

Have you ever done a bad thing for a good reason? A new era begins here!

Past stories:

If you are enjoying our current arc, why not check out some of our past stories? Each stands on it’s own, so enjoy them together or on their own!

The Noosehead Series (2006-2009)

What happens when the world's most famous hardcore heavy metal vocalist decides he'd rather sing about kittens than corpses? And what does he have to do with our titular duo, anyway? A tale of action, romance, comedy, tragedy, and ninjas.

Volume One The band

Volume Two The run

Volume Three The showdown

The Classic Series (2003-2006)

Enter Sam and Fuzzy's surreal world of dating disasters, taxi-driving action superstars, time-travelling, ninja mafiosos and possessed refridgerators, and watch as our strip transforms from gag-a-day to epic saga!

Volume One Taxi-Cab of Dreams

Volume Two Growing Pains

Volume Three Love and War

"Volume Zero" (2002-2003)

The first Sam and Fuzzy strips are a little rough around the edges, but are not without their hardcore advocates. This is not the best place for new readers to start, but if you have enjoyed the rest of the archive, dive in here to see the comic's awkward-yet-lovable adolescence.