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Regime Change, Pt. 1

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Feb 25, 2008


Well, back to business as usual! Thanks again to all the great artists who helped keep everyone entertained while I prepared for the next big chunk of Sam and Fuzzy. You didn't miss any of their killer guest strips, did you? Just click any of the links below to see the work of:

Ryan "too many comics" Estrada
Tony "Cigarro and Cerveja" Esteves
John "Scarygoround" Allison
Jeph "Questionable Content" Jacques
Clay and Hampton "Rob and Elliot" Yount
Eric "Radioactive Panda" Johnson
Lady "Earthsong" Yates
Rene "Anders Loves Maria" Engström
Scott "White Ninja" Bevan and Kent "also White NInja" Earle
Tom "Gunnerkrigg Court" Siddell

Sam Logan

Feb 22, 2008

Today's strip by Gunnerkrigg Court's Tom Siddell

Today's epic tale, brought to you by the incredibly talented Tom Siddell, marks the end of O-GAWD 5. Thank you so much to all of the amazing artists who participated this year and helped give me a chance to catch my breath!

Our regularly scheduled Sam and Fuzzy programming returns on Monday, with the start of a new storyline. See you then!

Sam Logan

Feb 21, 2008

Today's strip by White Ninja's Scott Bevan and Kent Earle

I change my mind! This one is in continuity, too. White Ninja is a very special comic, and I mean that in the best, most unsettling way possible. It's always a pleasure to be disturbed by their take on Sam and Fuzzy.

Our final guest strip lands tomorrow. See you then!

Sam Logan