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Mar 21, 2003

Now that I think about it... DO his eyebrows work?

Sam Logan

Mar 19, 2003

Three Digits

Wow. The hundredth strip. I don't think I've ever done a hundred of anything before.

As promised, I have completed the "tutorial" feature. You can read it by clicking either today's comic or the banner below, or by heading over to the features section.

Here's to another hundred!

Sam Logan

Mar 17, 2003

Impending Centennial

This Wednesday, will mark the hundredth Sam and Fuzzy strip... at least, the hundredth
strip to appear on this website. I don’t have anything really exciting planned. But,
because a few of you have been demanding it, I will be taking the opportunity to put up a tiny
feature item that explains how I go about assembling the comic. Be afraid. Be very

Sam Logan