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Showdown, Pt. 36

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Nov 7, 2008

Sell sell sell

Print status update: only 15 "Fuzzy Loves Megaman" limited prints are now left. But no pressure or anything!

I was fortunate to meet a veritable ton of talented cartoonists at this year's APE. One of them, Steve Lecouilliard, draws a really stellar webcomic called Much the Miller's Son. A sort of comedic riff on the Robin Hood legend, Much's lush artwork and skillful mix of humour and adventure really remind me of a lot of the European comics I read as a kid... only those weren't punctuated with quite as many arrow fatalities and naked cartoon characters. (Not that my 12-year-old self would have complained!)

Another great artist exhibiting at the con was Camilla D'errico. I'm sorry to say that at this point, I still haven't had a chance to read any of her comics... but I have seen a lot of her art. And let me tell you, if you want to see some paintings of girls with various strange things protruding from their heads -- and who doesn't -- D'errico has you covered. It's all wonderfully, beautifully weird, and if you could see into my apartment, you'd see one of her prints on my wall.

You'd also be creeping me out.

Sam Logan

Nov 5, 2008

Sell sell sell

After the seemingly standard adventures in flight delays, I have returned safe and sound from APE. And boy, did I meet a lot of really talented cartoonists at this convention. I will do my best to direct you towards their work over the next couple of newspost updates!

Meanwhile, the response to the new "Fuzzy Loves Megaman" artwork has been phenomenal! To be perfectly honest, I wasn't really sure if folks would share my deep-felt personal enthusiasm for bears with megabusters... but after only a few days on sale, more than 65 of our 100 limited prints have already been scooped up. I'm pretty sure that's the fastest-selling print I've ever made! I'm not sure how quick the remaining third will move, but at this rate it's probably safe to advise that anyone keen to nab one should act sooner rather than later.

Sam Logan

Nov 3, 2008

Con artist

Archive dive: the "ones we saw in the underground" are, of course, the infamous "robot clones" of the Memory Lapse storyline.

I'm currently on route back home from Alternative Press Expo. Thanks to everyone who swung by to say hello!

Meanwhile, our "Fuzzy Loves Megaman" Limited Prints are now on sale. This is a one-time run item that will never be reprinted... so if you want one, now is the time to order!

Sam Logan