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Epilogue, Pt. 5

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Dec 8, 2008

Continuity nerd alert: You can be forgiven for forgetting the role that a fatter, bearded Sam played in convincing Sid to turn on Sin and follow his musical muse. It was, after all, in a comic from more than two years ago! Hard to believe that, all these months later, that same story is finally wrapping up!

-Sam Logan

Dec 5, 2008


I know what you are thinking to yourself. You still have some Christmas shopping to do, and wouldn't you know it... you've already purchased one of every single thing in the Sam and Fuzzy store. Don't worry, I understand. This kind of thing happens all the time. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

If there is a void... a void in your holiday, your life, your heart... I am here to suggest to you that you cram it full of cool stuff from my fellow artists. And in particular, I suggest you cram it full of pretty artwork! After all, artwork is a good half of what these folks do best. (The other half is either writing or drinking.)

Did you know that Jon Rosenberg has some extremely pretty Goats limited prints? Or that Kris Straub offers slick Starslip Crisis originals and custom-made Chainsawsuit strips? Chris Yates has a delightful selection of hand-crafted toys, thereby combining the joy of art with the fun of manhandling. And Meredith Gran from Octopus Pie has paintings... Octopus Pie paintings! Made with real paint and everything! I'm incredibly jealous. I can barely paint a wall.

Do you see what I am saying? it is a good time to be alive!

Sam Logan

Dec 3, 2008

Last bus to Vegas

My friends at Desert Bus for Hope have now been driving for a solid four days, and have earned over $54,000 for Child's Play. Congratulations, guys! It's only for the good of the kids that I am wishing your suffering is extended even further.

Sam Logan