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Crisis of Conscience, Pt. 8

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Jan 21, 2009

Can I axe you something

Well, there seems to be solid support for the Q & A feature proposed in Monday's newspost! And by "solid support," I mean "my inbox is overflowing with approximately three lifetime's worth of questions to answer." But that's great! It's been really fun to see what aspects of Sam and Fuzzy you are all interested in.

If you have a question of your own that you would like to add to the pile, just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line. I know can't answer them all, but I can pick out some of my favourites to answer in this Friday's newspost, and then try to answer a couple more every Friday thereafter! I can, so I will. And who knows... maybe my answers will be so incredibly tedious that no one will want to ask me anything ever again!

Sam Logan

Jan 19, 2009

Q and A

Mark your calendars: Our next epic, the thrillingly-different-yet-comfortingly-familiar Sam and Fuzzy Volume 5, begins exactly one week from today! Are you excited? I am excited!

I've certainly been getting a lot of questions about it -- most of which, for obvious reasons, I can't actually answer. But it did get me thinking about something else. Would any of you be interested in me doing some sort of regular reader-submitted Q-and-A feature here on the website? And not just questions about Volume 5, but about the Sam and Fuzzy story in general, or the nitty-gritty of the comic's real-life production, or... whatever you want! I would hate to presume I know what you want to know. So let's conduct an experiment! Drop me an email with "Q and A" in the subject line and your question of choice in the body, and I'll do my best to answer one or two every couple of comic updates... from now until I wuss out and quit!

It's probably a sign of deficient business instinct for me to have made it so far into this Conscience Cat and Dr. Crab team-up without at least mentioning the Conscience Cat and Dr. Crab t-shirts I have on sale in the shop. Then again, I've never been known for my spectacular business decisions. (Decorating my merchandise with scowling crabs is probably evidence of that!) But either way... t-shirts! They exist, and are experiencing a rare moment of exciting relevancy.

Sam Logan

Jan 16, 2009


What is this counting down to? I mean, it looks like a Mario mushroom, but not exactly like Mario mushroom. It makes a sound like Mario mushroom, but not exactly like a Mario mushroom. It clearly evokes Mario, and yet it is not actually Mario. It is merely... Mario-esque.

My conclusion? It's an exciting new vibrating fungus simulator. Obviously.

-Sam Logan