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Mar 31, 2003

Thank you!

Many of you were confused and alarmed when, this Friday, the Sam and Fuzzy site disappeared and was replaced with a message saying "Monthly Bandwidth exceeded." Well, thanks to the extreme generosity of my friends at, the site is now up and running again with an extra 7 gigs of monthly bandwidth to burn! Thanks a ton, d00ds.

And while I didn't like seeing the site go down, it's great to see that readership is rising. This could not be happening without the help of all you readers who are spreading the word, or without the generous linkage from other webcomics like Scarygoround and Control-Alt-Delete. Don't ever think I don't appreciate it, guys!

Well that's enough of that. I'm probably damaging my surly webcomic-artist image.

Sam Logan

Mar 28, 2003


The University of Victoria is overrun with rabbits. They first started showing up about seven years ago, and ever since then, there have been more and more every year. I took this photo with the digital camera I had borrowed from the labs for Photojournalism class:

They get tamer and tamer every year, too, since they are in constant contact with hyoomans. I was about two feet away from these little guys, and they didn't even flinch. Hell, they even let me use a flash.

Not the world's most meaty newspost, but pictures of baby rabbits are probably a refreshingly innocent break from what you've all been seeing on TV lately.

Sam Logan

Mar 26, 2003

My soul will have to wait till I get back...

Well, I just completed my very last assignment for photojournalism class. I may post a few of the less embarassingly poor of the photos I took up in the gallery. But I'll leave that for a time when I'm feeling less drained. I feel like I haven't stopped to catch my breath all day.

More on Friday! You know... maybe.

Sam Logan