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The Big Cheat, Pt. 3

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Jun 12, 2009


It begins! Starting today, I am stationed at my booth in Anime Evolution's artist alley. If you're in the Vancouver area, do swing by and say hi to Shannon and I! I'll be doing sketches and peddling lots of swag... some of it new and exciting!. And on Saturday at 3pm, I'll be doing my tradition AE "Sam and Fuzzy Q & A" panel, where you can ask me all the best and worst questions you can think of. It should be a lot of fun!

Unfortunately, all the insanity of con and travel preparation hasn't left me enough time to do our tradition Friday Q and A here on the website. I promise I'll do an extra-thorough round next week to make up for it. Scout's honour!

-Sam Logan

Jun 10, 2009


In just a bit over 24 hours, Shannon and I will be heading out to Anime Evolution! As usual, I'll be stationed in the artist's alley, armed with the standard assortment of t-shirts, books, and original art... plus some exciting secret new products. Oooh!

Meanwhile, here on the site... you may or may not have noticed that we've temporarily taken down our t-shirt and art print shops. But don't worry! They'll be back soon... in our shiny new official Topatoco store! Topatoco has been handling all my mailing for several years already, but always separately from all their other clients. By moving into the main Topatoco store proper, we'll be able to provide faster service, quicker mailing, and a better range of bulk shipping discounts (especially for our poor beleaguered international buyers). Plus, I'll get to spend less time doing shirt inventory and more time drawing funny cartoons for you to read. Hooray!

-Sam Logan

Jun 8, 2009

Anime Evolution

Good news, Vancouverites... Anime Evolution is only a few days away! It's always been a great show for me, and I'm really excited to see it move into the Vancouver Trade and Exhibition Center for the first time this year. AE is the city's biggest comic/cartoon-related show by a wide margin, and I heartily recommend that any of you comic fans in the area come check it out at its new digs.

Anyhow, I'll be stationed in the artist's alley, armed with the usual assortment of t-shirts, books, and original art. I've also got a couple secret new products that I'll be field-testing. Excitement!

-Sam Logan