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Bitey's Nemesis, Pt. 2

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Jul 31, 2009


Bad news, friends! My regular computer's power supply gave up the ghost last night. I can still make comics and update the website using my laptop, but my email archive is all saved exclusively on the machine that won't turn on... which means I can't view any of your Q and A questions until it is fixed!

Sorry about that. I'll do an extra-robust Q and A round next week, once my old machine is up and running again. Scout's honor!

-Sam Logan

Jul 29, 2009

To the max

Those who are unfamiliar with Bitey the Shark -- or who are just forgetful -- should take a moment to absorb his classic first adventure from last year. It's fun and refreshing, just like the taste of Kiwi Cola.

As always, Comic-con was:
a) Rife with spectacle and excitement
b) Long
c) The perfect chance to meet with fans
d) Long
e) A great opportunity to meet other comic creators
f) Long
g) A monument to countless poor fashion decisions
h) Seriously, 9:15 AM to 7 PM for four days straight? Guuuh!

All in all, it was a good time... but boy, am I glad to be home.

Meanwhile, response to the new Skull Panda book and button pack has been great so far, both at the con and here on the site. If you couldn't make it to San Diego but are still interested in picking up either (or both) for yourself, just click the image below.

-Sam Logan

Jul 27, 2009

San Diego Comic-Con

Thanks to everyone who came by and visited us at San Diego! I'm still making my way back home, so the full report will have to wait until Wednesday.

Meanwhile, today brings us the last of infamous alternative cartoonist Rikk Estoban's Skull Panda comics. These strips were all freshly extracted from his new book: Skull Panda in Love. All your old Skull Panda favourites are in there, too, and so are a bunch of brand new comics exclusive to the book. Woo!

I'm back in the saddle on Wednesday. See you then!

-Sam Logan