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Edwin, Pt. 3

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Aug 7, 2009

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Recap Edition
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"Why does Darkshark have one leg in a tornado and one leg on fire?" -Kay

Extensive focus testing.

"What ever happened to Robot Jones? Um, I mean, the Noosehead mini-book. I noticed it was no longer available while I was checking out the new Skull Panda book. Did it not sell well enough? Was it stolen? Did you eat it?" -BJ

None of the above, my friend! The Noosehead mini-book is no longer available because I ran out of copies. At the moment, I've got no plans to reprint it. But hopefully most of that material we be made available again someday in a larger book (or series of larger books) collecting the full Noosehead storyline.

"Why do you draw the ninjas swords like you do? A ninja would normally use a Katana, which is thinner, curved and has a longer handle... which I'm sure you know." -Kraze

Uh... yes. Of course I do. Because of extensive... research.

Never known for their dedication to actual real ninja history or traditions, the Ninja Mafia probably just picked whatever kind of swords they thought would look the coolest and most dramatic. Which, coincidentally, is also what I did! Big, straight lines make for fun, bold framing and composition possibilities. Accuracy be damned!

"Bitey's speech about living in a "gritty, x-treme world, where ... the
dead stay dead, no matter how popular they are!", followed by Darkshark
coming back... is that a poke at Battlestar Galactica?" -Bill

You are thinking much too specifically, my friend! It was more of a jab at "comic book deaths" in general. Killing off major characters is how writers show they mean serious business. And bringing them back two weeks later is how they undo stupid decisions.

"Why does Fuzzy wear a bow tie ?" -Sami

One upon a time, hundreds of years ago, I created the very first iteration of Fuzzy's character design by trying to draw a cartoon version of an actual stuffed animal that I had as a child. It was a relatively ordinary-looking teddy bear that Woodward's department store sold during their final year in business.

The current Fuzzy that you all know and love (or at least tolerate) doesn't really look anything like that teddy bear anymore. But they both still have one thing in common...

Retractable ten-inch claws!

I mean, the bowtie.

That's all for this week! We return on Monday with more Edwin. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Aug 5, 2009

Technical difficulties

My primary computer is still borked. Looks like my power supply, in it's dying zeal, decided to take my motherboard down with it. That means it's time to make hard choices... like whether I should replace my old board with something of a similar vintage, or something new and expensive. Chronic indecision assures it'll probably be a little while before I get the thing up and running again.

But I have overcome enough technical hurdles to get back into my email and, by extension, your Q and A submissions! I'll post a new round of answers alongside Friday's comic. (And if you've got a new question that you want added to the pile, just drop me an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.)

-Sam Logan

Aug 3, 2009


After a week or two off, we're back with a brand new Sam and Fuzzy story! I think you guys are going to like this one.

The first round of Skull Panda book (and button) orders are getting packed up and mailed out this week! It seems the vast majority of you are opting for the "red heart" version... so I guess old Rikk is going to be very busy sketching and colouring for the next little while. But it's probably for the best. You don't want to know what he would have used that time for instead. (Or how many farm animals would have been involved.)

-Sam Logan