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Fuzzy's Mom, Pt. 2

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Apr 23, 2003

I only make jokes to distract myself

A real bear probably wouldn't eat your kitchen table if it had the chance -- so no worries about bear-proofing your homes, kids.

I'm sort of tinkering off and on with a new interface for the site. I'm pretty fond of the "look" we've got here now, but I'm going to have to shuffle around some things to make room for a couple new sections. Try to contain your excitement -- just try!

At the moment the number one thing distracting me from doing any work on the site is Rayman 3 for the PC. I love this stuff!

I don't know what's funnier... that Creed was sued by their audience for giving a bad performance, or that it sounds like they really did deserve to get sued. It's a strange world we live in.

Please don't sue my for drawing a bad comic.

Sam Logan

Apr 21, 2003


It begins...

Sam Logan

Apr 18, 2003


You may have noticed that Carlyle is turning into what we in the business call a "running gag." But don't feel badly if you didn't. We all learn at different speeds. People are like snowflakes... some are much less inteligent than others.

I am telling you, the storyline that starts next Monday is going to be really good. Seriously.

Sam Logan