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Nov 27, 2009

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: asdfasdfasdfasdf Edition
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"How come you didn't do a driver shift for Desert Bus this year?" -Melissa

Unfortunately, since I moved this summer, I no longer live in the same city as the Loading Ready Run crew. I was kind of hoping I could plan a visit to Victoria that would be concurrent with Desert Bus, but alsa, it was not to be! Hopefully next year I will be more organized.

Did you see just how much the LRR team was able to raise this year? It was a phenomenal success, in every sense of both words. Way to go, guys!

"How does a dinosaur with such stubby arms manage to put a monocle on?" -Tina

Using a hilarious monocle-applying arm-extender plastic novelty device purchased at a dollar store. Obviously!

I think the real question here is... how does a dinosaur as big as Rexford manage to get in and out his own office? I mean, before he knocked that wall out with his head. Maybe that's what he has to do every time.

"What program do you use for setting type, sfx, and word balloons in the comics? Also, if anything's done by hand, then with what tools?" -Joe

I use Photoshop to draw panel borders and place regular word balloons and lettering. The more visually irregular elements -- like sound effects or expressively-written dialogue -- are usually drawn by hand right onto the original paper, using the same brushes and pens I use to do the art.

Photoshop is a great program, but it's pretty expensive. And if all you are doing is drawing borders and placing text, it's also probably extreme overkill. I use it because I already own it for my other work, but most or all of what I do in Sam and Fuzzy could be done with countless other cheaper programs like Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, or possibly even some of the free image editing tools you can find online. Heck, it could probably be done with a stone tablet and a few sharp rocks.

"How much hair gel must Hazel use to get her hair to stick up like that?" -Ben

Hazel's first heist was an entire freighter of mousse. It's the investment that keeps on giving!

That's it for this week! See you on Monday.

-Sam Logan

Nov 25, 2009

It is crunch time for my friends at Desert Bus, who are once again raising money for the Child's Play charity by way of an excruciating marathon of the most tedious video game ever created. Every dollar you donate helps prolong their suffering by extending their play session. But more importantly, it helps buy toys and equipment for children's hospitals across North America! (And a handful of other places.)

Thanks to some eager donators, the Desert Bus team have already been at it for four days now. But come on... we can do better than that! I have been watching their live video feed, and I haven't seen a single death. Not one! Plus, poor Matt has vowed that, should they cross the $100,000 mark, he will spend an entire day watching New Moon. Do you want to be responsible for that? I do. And Matt is my friend! That is how much I love charity. Show your support!

In other news, my final new t-shirt of 2009 has now on sale, as promised! The "Hungry Blue Hedgehog" design proved extremely popular as a button during the summer convention season, so I have upgraded it to exciting t-shirt form. I hope you inner-gamer approves!

Both of my new shirts (and our exciting new Chirstmas cards) can be found alongside all our classic shirts and prints in the Sam and Fuzzy Topatoco store. (Order any three items and get an extra $5 off -- and save a bundle on shipping, too!)

-Sam Logan

Nov 23, 2009

Star guitar

Thanks for all the kind words and enthusiasm for the Vampirism t-shirt! Edwin and his comic storyline had a lot of fans, so I tried my damnedest to come up with a design that would live up to all of your expectations. I'm glad folks are liking the finished product as much as I do!

Meanwhile, I have a totally different fun to show you today! Awhile back, a reader by the name of Craig commissioned me to do a particular illustration for the pickup of a custom guitar he was working on. (edit: Pickguard! PickGUARD! I know stuff about guitars!) Well, sometime later, the "Ninjacaster" is complete, and Craig was kind enough to send in some photos. Check it out!

If I am ever famous enough to have a gallery exhibit, I want all my artwork framed this way.

-Sam Logan