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Aug 6, 2010

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Stupid Pants Edition
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"How old is the childhood drawing on the "About the Author" page of the new book?" -Arthur

I don't actually know! The comic wasn't dated. But those scrawls and misspelled words are probably much more recent that I would want to admit.

Some of my fellow webcartoonists were able to master their craft relatively quickly -- turning out beautiful looking comics after only a relatively short period of time as artists. Well not me. I drew thousands and thousands of pages of horrible comics long before Sam and Fuzzy. Thank god there were no webcomics yet when I was a kid or teenager, or I might have put them online!

Want to see the specific piece of terrible childhood art that Arthur is talking about? No problem... just buy my new book! Terrible childhood art is selling feature, right?

"Is what Sin says in the 6th panel of this comic a reference to Fuzzy working with Hazel and Brain before he lost his memory?" -Anket

But that wouldn't make any sense! Or would it? No. No. Unless it did. (But it doesn't.)


The truth is... I don't remember. My memory was wiped shortly after I drew that comic. Our current storyline is actually an ingenious meta-biography. Where's my Eisner?

"In this comic, Renaldo was describing some of the characterizations the ninjas should have – “straight and narrow leader, token female, hotheaded rebel” etc. It just occurred to me that those were the exact descriptions they used for the ninja group Fuzzy used to be in. Was this intentional?" -Lizzy

Sure! The joke needed Renaldo to rattle off a bunch of traditional super hero team archetypes, so I picked those specific four as a little value-added bonus humour for long-time readers.

Of course, the ultimate super hero team would also include a charming romantic rogue, a wacky goofball, an audience surrogate junior member, and Christopher Walken.

That's a wrap for this week! See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan

Aug 4, 2010

Anime Evolution

Comic-Con is barely behind us, but there's no time for a breather... Anime Evolution is almost here! It starts on Friday, August 13th... just a little over a week away. The folks at AE -- still the only large-scale comic-related convention in Vancouver -- have been kind enough to have me as a guest again this year, not to mention our friends from Wasted Talent and Loading Ready Run. And that means good times for all concerned. You don't even have to like anime! (Although if you do, that's probably a bonus!)

As usual, I'll be at a table in the Artist Alley, which is once again in the Student Union Building of UBC. I'll be bringing a really broad assortment of shirts, prints, and buttons... and yes, also plenty of copies of the new book, which I will be happy to sign and draw all over.

(But fret not, non-Vancouverites -- signed and illustrated copies of the book are also available in the Topatoco store!)

-Sam Logan

Aug 2, 2010

Ninja Mafia Services: Assassination Free For 13 Months

Renaldo's commercial was a lot of fun to assemble! I'm sorry I don't have even the slightest degree of skill necessary to create an actual video of it. But maybe it's just as well... Renaldo's voice overs would probably be much less intense in real life than they are in our collective imaginations! (WHO DO YOU CALL?!?)

Thanks all the folks who have been sending in emails and tweets full of nice words about their copies of the new book! Man, I am glad you're as happy as I am with how it turned out. It is a wonderful thing to have an audience that enjoys my stories enough to want a copy of them on their bookshelves, and we worked extra hard to make that copy as slick-looking as possible. (And like most black and white comics, Sam and Fuzzy really does look it's best in print!)

-Sam Logan