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Very Famous, Pt. 8

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Dec 22, 2010

Book Club Bonuses

Friends! Is there anyone out there who bought a book and still has yet to receive their bonus swag? If you have been slighted, do not let this stand! Just forward a copy of your Topatoco order confirmation to this address and I will make it all better.

I've also been getting a few emails from folks who are bummed out because they missed the ordering deadline. If you're feeling the same way, here's a not particularly secret secret... if you pick up a copy of the book before the new year and drop me a line, I will still hook you up. I could never have the heart to be a tyrant about it. This is webcomics, after all, not Ticketmaster.

Meanwhile, the holiday's are almost upon us! And even though our shipping deadlines have passed, you can still give a friend or loved-one the gift of Sam and Fuzzy... just in a hilarious, slightly half-assed manner.

Click here for the full-sized printable PDF card!

(Or click here for the Black and White version)

-Sam Logan

Dec 20, 2010

Holiday magic

Today is the very, very last day Americans can order any of our fine wares and receive them in time for Christmas. Just use the "Express" shipping option, and we will make it happen!

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But Sam... I don't want to pay for Express shipping. Or maybe I don't live in the United States! And now that all the shipping deadlines have passed, it's too late for me to give Sam and Fuzzy stuff to my friends and loved ones!"

Wrong! I have good news, team. As it turns out, all your problems can be solved with a single, printable card:

Click here for the full-sized printable PDF!

(Or click here for the Black and White version)

This year, give the gift that says: I remembered to get you something! Eventually.

No need to thank me! Startling innovation is its own reward.

-Sam Logan

If you are feeling ambitious, you can even flip it over and print a photo of the swag in question (from the Topatoco site) on the inside of the card! But I wouldn't do that. You don't want to look like you are trying too hard.

Dec 17, 2010

Book Club members: Your bonus packs have been emailed out! Just check the email addresses used to place your order. (And make sure they weren't weeded out by your spam filter!)

If you bought a book and still haven't recieved your goodies, just forward a copy of your order receipt to this email address and I will hook you up right away!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Stylish Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"I'm an obsessive comic doodler, but i can never settle on a style - do you ever get frustrated with the Sam & Fuzzy style? I mean everything from wanting to do something different down to times where you want to do something in more/less detail. Or does it for you?" -Alex

It works for me! But I've let the Sam and Fuzzy style morph and evolve pretty dynamically to suit my fickle artist ways.

Even something as basic as the way I draw people and faces has changed pretty dramatically over the years. Remember when almost everyone had box noses and hair that went right down to their brows? Even Sam's sister! (Yikes!) But since then, I've let my new characters venture further and further away from that, while making occasional tweaks to Sam and Fuzzy themselves so they'll still "fit in" with everything else visually.

There are some things about Sam and Fuzzy art that are eternal... high contrast visuals, big chunks of black or white, and so on... but within that I've got a lot of room to maneuver. And of course, between commissions, shirts and prints, and YES Mag and KNOW, I get lots of other opportunities to draw in different styles, too!

"I actually like Jeph Jacques' webcomic quite a lot, even though my religion says that a talking bear must ALWAYS be put before angsty twenty-somethings in a coffee shop. Is there a cure or a support group for this? I don't think I can stand another minute of greatly enjoying a work of the devil himself. " -Zach

Zach, Jeph and I are open-minded people. We're not going to judge you! We don't care whose comics you read, as long as you give us all your money.

"In regards to this Q and A, why would you feel like hiding the main character for 10 months would be a big risk, considering that you would do the exact same thing again starting with the Sam & Fuzzy Fix Your Problems arc? Will Devahi just shave her head and reveal herself to be the entire Noosehead cast? (Note: I like Devahi too much to get rid of her so don't.)" -Tom

Aww! I am touched that you came to think of the Noosehead cast as main characters. I still remember when they were first introduced and everyone was terribly confused about who all these weird new people hogging the spotlight were!

Like so many past members of the Sam and Fuzzy supporting cast, many of the folks from the Noosehead volume have shuffled off to live outside the scope of our current story. That said, a few of them will be turning up again eventually, I promise!

That's a wrap for this week, team! See you on Monday!

-Sam Logan