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Harvest, Pt. 14

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Mar 9, 2011


One of the many cartoonists I had the good fortune to talk to at ECCC this year (however briefly) was Doug TenNapel. Doug is probably best known as the creator of Earthworm Jim, but he's also the author of nearly a dozen wildly inventive and completely gorgeous black and white graphic novels. (Creature Tech and Iron West being my personal favourites.) And now, he has decided to throw his hat into the webcomic ring with Ratfist -- a superhero comedy that's completely bent in the best possible way. If you like completely absurd long-form comedy adventures -- and face it, you wouldn't be here if you didn't -- you should definitely check it out!

In other news, don't forget... the MegaFuzzy original art is currently up for grabs on ebay! The auction closes on Monday.

-Sam Logan

Mar 7, 2011


Thanks to everyone for another great Emerald City Comic-con! As always, I had a great time visiting my cartooning comrades and meeting plenty of Sam and Fuzzy readers both new and old. Sometimes alarmingly old! (Thanks for reminding me that I've somehow gotten away with doing this for nine flippin' years!)

The new Mega Fuzzy went over pretty well. But don't worry, non-ECCC-ers... I made a second batch just for you, which we'll be putting up for sale online in a week or two. And as is tradition, I'll also be putting the original artwork up for auction, starting later today. I'll post a link here as soon as it goes live!


The Mega Fuzzy art auction is now live! Winner receives the original art, plus a copy of the print and an original sketch. Check it out here!

-Sam Logan

Mar 4, 2011


Emerald City Comic Con starts today at 2pm! Are you going to be there? Come by the booth and say hello!

Where to find me
I'm at booth #203, the smaller of the two (!) Topatoco booths, keeping an eye on my longstanding arch-nemesis Jeph Jacques. You can find us on this map:

Click here for larger view

Stuff that'll be there
As usual, I'll be doing plenty of drawings and sketches. Topatoco will be bringing a wide assortment of Sam and Fuzzy swag... books, shirts, tote bags, and posters. And best of all, a brand new limited print will be debuting at the show... a quasi-sequel to a much beloved and long-sold-out classic. I've spent the last few days drawing the heck out of this thing, and I think it shows. Here's a sneak peek:

-Sam Logan