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Harvest, Pt. 17

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Mar 16, 2011

Book Club Bonus Packs

Book Club members... our next pack of exclusive bonus stuff will be emailed out on April 1st! (No foolin'!) Come back on Friday, when I'll be previewing the goodies you'll be getting this time 'round.

Just in case anyone needs a reminder of how the Book Club works... regular bundles of exclusive digital Sam and Fuzzy goodies are emailed free to anyone and everyone who picks up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem! If you bought a copy online, you'll automatically receive the next bonus pack by email on the launch day. (Alternately, if you bought a copy in person at a convention and haven't already contacted me to sign up, drop me an email!) Consider it my way of saying thanks for your support. Pow!

-Sam Logan

Mar 14, 2011

MegaFuzzy Art Auction Ends TODAY!

Hey guys, guess what? I drew today's Gastrophobia! David McGuire is a heck of a cartoonist, but I did my best to fill his shoes for a day.

Just a reminder... the MegaFuzzy art auction closes today, at 7pm pacific time. The winner nabs the original 11x14 art, copy #1 of the final colour print, and and original sketch of any Sam and Fuzzy character cast as the gaming icon of their choice. Whew!

-Sam Logan

Mar 11, 2011

MegaFuzzy Original Art Auction

Don't forget... the MegaFuzzy art is up for auction until Monday! The winner will receive both the original 11x14 art and copy #1 of the final colour print.

And just like we did with the Bat Fuzzy art auction, I'll also be including an original sketch of any Sam and Fuzzy character you like... only this time, you can cast them as the gaming character of your choice. (Or not, if you don't wanna.) Last time, superheroes were the theme, and we wound up with Detective Morris and Officer Cooper as the Question and Batwoman. I'm really curious to see what I end up drawing this time!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Cameo Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Soooo, when is the next volume of Sam and Fuzzy books coming out? Also, what happened to the emails with cool goodies in them?" -Franklin

The penultimate chapter of "Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous" is the one you are reading right now! The next chapter will be the grand finale of book 2, which I'll start putting together the second it has concluded. With a little luck, it should be ready in time for this year's San Diego Comic-Con!

As for our Book Club bonus packs, don't worry... I'm working on the next batch as we speak! I should be able to announce them extremely soon.

"Is there any way I can persuade you to make an appearance at the Boston Comic-con in April? Or would that put you too close to Mr. Jacques?" -Mike

I'd love to... but alas, my limited time and travel budget restrict my trips over to that side of the continent to a select few. (Which is why my con schedule is generally so west-coast heavy!) Maybe next year, though. I know Shannon is dying to go to Boston someday, and I wouldn't mind checking out the city myself!

"I've been reading Sam and Fuzzy regularly since somewhere around 2005. Alas, after one too many crowbars, my memory isn't it used to be. The only character I recognize in the background of this strip strip is Pintsize. I feel like I should know the names of others, but they're just not coming too me. Am I right? Can you help? Because that would just make my day." -Jessica

Don't feel too bad! I generally avoid sneaking Sam and Fuzzy characters into the underground crowds, since most of them wouldn't really have any reason to be there. The few existing characters who do appear in that strip (and the two that follow it) are generally continuity outsiders... Pintsize, Professor Pangolin, and a few ancient, long-unused characters of mine. The rest were just drawn at random!

But hey... two strips later, we did see Mr. Gillespie! He's Sam and Fuzzy's most constantly beleaguered and frequently cameo-making small businessman. He seems to have gained a metal plate in his head since the last time we saw him, which I'm sure will only adds to his mystery and legend. I like to think of his tragic, tangental story as one the audience writes in their own heads.

That's a wrap for this week! See you on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan