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Reunion, Pt. 17

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May 11, 2011

Thor paw

I spent my last night in Toronto watching Thor with Shannon, Katy, Ryan and his lovely wife and friend Jen and Tim (respectively). It was... pretty OK! Fluffy and undeniably simplistic, but endearingly earnest and bold about recreating the inherent goofiness of the original comics. At the very least, I left convinced that Chris Hemsworth's boisterous, larger-than-life Thor could work excellently as a part of an ensemble cast production like the Avengers.

Friend or not, I would be remiss not to tell you about my pal Dan Kosub's new album. You may even remember when I linked to his last one, a year or two back! Dan has talent coming out of his ears, and his music reminds me of (among other things) BNL in their more earnest moments. If that sounds like your bag (or part of your bag), you can hear a few sample songs right here.

-Sam Logan

May 9, 2011


Thanks for the great weekend, Torontonians! (And Toronto-visitors!) TCAF has a reputation for being one of the most pleasant and laid back comics shows around, and it's well deserved. It was a the perfect setting to visit with you all, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Extra bonus thanks to my immediate booth neighbours, Jeph "the Nemesis" Jacquestionable and Joel "the Vandal" Watson, for keeping me laughing all weekend long. (And for helping me create a very special new character that I'll share with you all as soon as I'm in the vicinity of a scanner again.)

-Sam Logan

May 6, 2011

Sorry, team! TCAF preparations have kept me from doing another round of Q and A. That's two weeks in a row! I'm a failure. But hey... I did draw that comic up there! So I'm still good for something.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival Info Center
TCAF starts this Saturday! And if you've been before, you know... TCAF is the best. But maybe you haven't been before! If so, here are some answers to just a few of the questions I know you are asking. Right now. Aloud. No matter who else is in the room.

Where is it? The Toronto Reference Library!

How much does it cost to attend? Not a damn thing!

Where can I find you? I'll be on the second floor, in the massive webcomics annex.

Whatcha bringing? Books! T-shirts! Buttons! Prints! Original Art! High spirits!

Are there going to be a lot of other cartoonists there? Oh man... so many.

In conclusion: TCAF! It's what's for dinner.

-Sam Logan