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Reunion, Pt. 23

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May 25, 2011

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Did you know that Kris Straub's F Chords is back? Because Kris Straub's F Chords is back.

Meanwhile, starting with today's strip, the next five updates of Sam and Fuzzy work out to a collective 16 pages of comics, all told. You have to admit... as far as addictions go, mine works out pretty well for you!

In other news, I read somewhere that you have to see something three times to remember it. Also Kris Straub's F Chords is back. Bam!

-Sam Logan

May 23, 2011

Fix Your Problem, Sam Logan

As Sam and Fuzzy Are Very Famous lumbers towards it's climax here on the site, I've actually been busy assembling it's prettier, heavier dead-tree cousin. With a little luck, the book should be ready just in time for San Diego Comic Con! And the best part? It's even longer than the last one... 400 pages! I guess I really do have a problem.

-Sam Logan

PS: On that note, if you've noticed any spelling errors in this volume -- which started right here -- now would be a good time to email and point them out!

PPS: "Colour" and "cheque" are not spelling errors. They are just raw Canadian stubbornness!

May 20, 2011

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: BAM! Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"How did Fuzzy untie himself in this comic?" -Louise

Psychic powers! The ultimate plot twist! Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Hazel was supposed to untie him -- well, "unwrap" (it's duct tape) -- but I guess you can't actually see that, can I? Whoops! Fortunately this is the kind of bothersome visual continuity hiccup that can probably be wiped away by adding a few tattered strands of duct tape in the panel or two after. Your brain will fill in the rest!

"Given as Fuzzy was a ninja at one point, and single-handedly obliterated an entire squad of Grrbils, why does he do so much cowering nowadays? Has he gone soft?" -Jack

I think Fuzzy's past... uh... combat instincts... have come more from poor decision making and an overabundance of energy than any actual fighting skill. (And to be fair, obliterating a Grrbil is not exactly a physical challenge.)

But the old rage is still in there... at least, when it's not being suppressed by stress or finely-tuned self-preservation instincts. Or a distracting shiny object. Or liquor.

"Have you ever thought about working with Squishables to make a Fuzzy or Conscious Cat squishable? Or turning on of your many other characters into an adorable big ball of fluff??" -Bilee

How fun would that be? And Squishables did a great job with T-Rex and Yelling Bird and other webcomic character prototype I saw and can't discuss. I'd love to see them tackle a member of the Sam and Fuzzy cast, too.

The problem is that things like stuffed animals need to be produced in pretty massive quantities, which makes them an intimidating project unless you are confident you can sell thousands of them. It's definitely something I'd like to do someday, though!

"Command Code 1965917? Someone is a Sonic 2 fan. Or more accurately, a Sonic 2 cheater (and/or a possible Yuji Naka stalker)." -Jay

Now technically, Jay, there isn't actually a question in there. But that's OK! I can infer.

To answer your question... yes, about four times a week, but never without mayonnaise.

(OK, OK... and yes, it is the Sonic 2 warp code. Some numbers just stick with you. At least I didn't use my luggage lock combo!)

That's a wrap for this week! Back on Monday, team.

-Sam Logan