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Buddocalypse, Pt. 18

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Jun 15, 2012

It begins! Today, from 11 AM - 6 PM (PST), I will be drawing Sam and Fuzzy characters from terrifying parallel dimensions... based on your suggestions! Starting at 11, I want to hear all your picks for:

- The alternate universes (existing fictional universes, genre parodies, entirely original world ideas... be creative!)
- The specific Sam and Fuzzy characters you want to see from them (please stick to one or two to keep things simple)

Send me your suggestions (not 'til 11, though!) via twitter, or by email if twitter is not your thing. I'll pick my favourites and make them real! Finished drawings will be posted to my twitter feed, or you can watch me draw them live via livestream video.

Like last time, I'll be selling the finished drawings for the abnormally low price of $25 plus shipping. Idea providers have first crack at the drawings resulting from their suggestions, and if they pass, it's first come first serve to whoever else wants 'em. If you're sure you're going to buy any drawing based on your idea in advance, by all means, let me know beforehand... but I'll be doing drawings based on everyone's ideas, whether they've got the budget to purchase them or not. It's more fun that way! (Plus other people usually step up to buy the leftovers pretty quickly anyway.)

See you... on the internet!

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Sam Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"Why hasn't Sam & Fuzzy been sold as a TV property? It seems perfect for Adult Swim " -Patrick

Honest answer: no one has ever asked! It's not something I've actively pursued myself, either. I like the idea of working on a TV show, and I certainly think Sam and Fuzzy would work better as a serialized show (ala Venture Bros.) than as a film. But at the same time, part of me thinks that it might be more satisfying to create a new project specifically designed for that format.

It would be an interesting challenge to adapt, though! I'm not sure how well Sam and Fuzzy's unusual art style would translate to animation. And certain plotlines -- like Sam being hidden in plain sight as Crush -- wouldn't really work if the characters had recognizable voices.

"Have you heard this song? When I saw the last line of friday's comic, the first few lines swam into my head." -Jessica

No! Catchy, though. It's also kind of funny, though, because even though it's a Christian song and the fish part is metaphorical, it actually still accurately predicts the ending of this story! At the last minute, the giant cartoon hand of god descends from the sky and yanks Aaron right out of Buddy's mouth. It is the plot twist that no one ever saw coming! Sorry I spoiled it, everyone.

(Kidding, kidding! Unless I'm not.)

"You seem to be determined to not explain Future Fuzzy's existence, writing him off as a joke. BUT writing him off IS A BAD IDEA. Why? Because otherwise, you are left with a BIG PLOTHOLE. Future Fuzzy was the catalyst in making Fuzzy shove Alexa into the fridge, which led to Fuzzy being kicked out by Sam, which led to Sam inviting Fuzzy back into his apartment, which led to Alexa breaking up with him. Where could Candice have gotten Sam if Alexa was still with Sam? And we all know how essential Candice is
to the story." -Rarefoil

Future Fuzzy is, functionally, very similar to characters like Conscience Cat. Maybe he is real! Or maybe he is a delusion in the back of someone's brain. I think the ambiguity works entirely in his favour, both functionally and tonally.

It's not so much that I want to write him off as I prefer not to over-explain him... especially because he was a humour-driven character, and nothing kills a joke more than explaining it. All that really matters is that he was real enough to Fuzzy at the time, inspiring his actions and setting all those events into motion. Whether he was actually real, delusion, or something inbetween, I leave entirely up to you readers.

-Sam Logan

Jun 13, 2012

The spinebreaker

Today's Skull Panda -- almost certainly inspired by whatever the heck is going on with this Catwoman cover -- is being pretty warmly received. Like I said on twitter... simply showing the boobs and butt at once is for amateur superhero artists. A pro finds a way to make them nearly touch each other. Rikk Estoban is a pro. Watch out, DC!

Don't forget... my next Sketch-Off is Friday! Starting at 11 AM PST, I'll be live-drawing cartoons based on your suggestions for alternate Sam and Fuzzy characters from strange parallel dimensions. You can send me your suggestions (on Friday, please!) via twitter or email, and see the finished drawings on my twitter feed or livestream video.

Like last time, I'll be selling the finished drawings for $25, either to the person who suggested the idea or first-come-first serve to whoever else would like 'em. It should be fun!

-Sam Logan

Jun 11, 2012

Twitter Draw-Off this Friday

Friends! I am going to be doing another one of my (in)famous "Twitter Draw-Offs" this Friday -- where I pitch a theme to all you Sam and Fuzzy readers out there, then make a pile of drawings based on the suggestions tweeted in to me!

Last time, the theme was drawing the Sam and Fuzzy cast as famous fictional characters. As you can see, it was a ton of fun. But this time, I am going to try something a little different.

On Friday, I want to hear all your suggestions of Sam and Fuzzy characters as they would appear in strange alternate dimensions -- either pre-existing fictional universes or totally made-up ones. Perhaps Sam from a world populated by Lego people? Fuzzy from a hyper-gritty, realistic noire universe? Devahi from a savage land of pulpy dinosaur monsters? Conscience cat from a post-apocalyptic pirate cyborg future? Mr. Sin from a magical girl anime? Be creative! I'll pick the suggestions that are the most awesome and make them real.

I'll be drawing this Friday from 11 AM to 2 PM PST, and again from 3AM to 6PM. You can send in your suggestions then -- please don't send them until then, though! -- via twitter, and watch the drawing happen via my livestream video feed. Like last time, I'll be selling the finished drawings for $25, either to the person who suggested the idea or to the first other person who asks. It should be fun!

-Sam Logan

PS: If there is anyone out there who hasn't yet recieved their Book Club bonuses, but thinks they should have, just drop me a line and let me know!