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Buddocalypse, Pt. 27

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Jul 6, 2012


Ever since I started watching Legend of Korra and observing it's many various random mish-mash animals, all I’ve wanted to do is draw Teenage Mutant Bender Turtleducks. So I did!

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out, so I'll be bringing an 8.5 x 11 print version of it with me to San Diego Comic-Con next week! But if you aren't going to be at the show and still really want to get one, I made a page where you can
order them online, instead.

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Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Crime Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

" 'It's not like you can make all that extra mass magically disappear, you know, so I converted it into goo. It's called science, jack-ass.' What was it called when all that extra mass magically appeared?" -David

Sudden, rapid cell reproduction and growth triggered by evil, haunted wine. Obviously. Nothing I have written has ever been more thoughtful or impervious to criticism.

"So did one of Sam's Ninja's already testify that Sam was the one that's been giving them orders or something? [...] Everyone knows the crimeboss is the head of a criminal organization and is responsible for all the crime, but no cops can actually prove they're ordering people to do crimes without the testimony of those people. Is there significant evidence that's going to show up in court here, or grounds for arrest other than riding a giant fig pig, demolishing an entire block godzilla-style?" -Chad

Great question! The bundle of evidence that reporter Smith (and now presumably Morris as well) shows Sam's various ninja employees involved in local crimes. It does not show Sam directly involving himself in those crimes... which makes sense, because as we know, he wasn't involved and the whole thing was happening behind his back.

So while Morris is certainly now thinks that Sam is secretly a crook and is very irritated about it, she doesn't have the evidence to prove it and is bringing him in -- or was planning to bring him in, anyway -- strictly for his involvement in the Fig Pig incident.

"So, is the next big status quo upheaval a switch to a gritty prison drama where Sam & Fuzzy learn to live on the inside, to form difficult allegiances and work the system before they find that freedom was always inside of them? And then get inspired by an episode of Prison Break to go on the run again anyway?" -Chris

Much, much weirder than that.

See you next week, team!

-Sam Logan

Jul 4, 2012


We are rapidly coming to the close of our current volume, Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence! I hope you guys are as excited about the next volume as I am. As you can probably imagine, it's going to be... pretty different from the ones that have come before it. Sam and Fuzzy is a comic that's become infamous for it's major status quo upheavals, and this one will be no exception.

But, we've got four strips left to go before Under the Influence wraps! Come back on Friday for the next one, plus a brand new round of Q and A.

-Sam Logan

Jul 2, 2012


As those of you following me on twitter probably already know, some of my fellow webcomicers arbitrarily declared "Sexy Pin-up Week" last week, and I responded to the best of my ability on tumblr. Conceptually, I imagined they were photos taken by Renaldo for some sort of terribly misguided NMS charity calendar. As you can see, some of the results were more disturbing that others. (I'm very, very sorry about the Fig Pig one.)

Can't believe San Diego Comic-Con is next week! It's weird having it so early this year. But I think I am ready. (Mentally, at least, if not physically.)

-Sam Logan