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Guest: Michael Stearns

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Jul 17, 2012

Today's strip by Dawn of Time's Michael Stearns

Today's guest strip is brought to you by Michael Stearns! You may know Michael from his now completed (and extremely entertaining) webcomic, Dawn of Time. But eventually, you will be able to know him for his upcoming 2D platformer, Tiny Barbarian DX, which features a whole heck of a lot of lovingly crafted pixel art. (As you can see in today's strip, he's pretty friggin' good at it.)

Come back tomorrow for our next guest strip!

-Sam Logan

Jul 16, 2012

Today's strip by Supernormal Step's  M Lee Lunsford

What better way to kick off a brand new O-GAWD than with this epic piece of work? When they aren't invading foreign comics, Moz draws the heck out of Supernormal Step. Experience it! I am en route back home after another awesome and exhausting San Diego Comic-con! Thanks to everyone who came by the booth. No matter how many years I do this, I am always a little taken aback by your numbers and your enthusiasm for my scribblings. New guest comics arrive every weekday this week! So come back tomorrow for another one. OR ELSE. -Sam Logan

Jul 13, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Were Under the Influence

And that, my friends, is the conclusion of Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence! I hope you enjoyed it, and are suitably pumped for our next volume. It is called Sam and Fuzzy Ruined Everything, and it starts on Monday, July 30th. I have been dying to start working on this part of the story forever. Literally dying. I almost died. (I'm fine now, though.)

While I am cranking up to unleash our next volume, some of my favourite webcartoonists have kindly offered to step in and provide us all with, I have got to tell you, are some really phenomenal takes on Sam and Fuzzy. They start on Monday, and will be running every single weekday. Anticipate!

But first, San Diego Comic-con! The show is well underway now. I am knee-deep in Comic-con over here. If you're at the show, come visit me at the Topatoco booth in the "webcomics pavilion"! I will be signing and drawing all over the place, and Topatoco will be selling a wide assortment of my books, prints, t-shirts and other compelling paraphernalia. Go team!

-Sam Logan