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Prologue, Pt. 3

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Aug 3, 2012

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Crime Edition
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"Do your ideas for plots always originate with Sam and Fuzzy, or do you sometimes think of a random plot and then adapt it to Sam and Fuzzy?" -Kathryn

Plots not so much. Most of the story ideas I've come up with outside Sam and Fuzzy have stayed outside. (And thus far, remain unrealized entirely, but hopefully that will change someday!) Sam and Fuzzy is driven very directly by it's larger, long term story... even the relatively stand-alone individual smaller stories are almost always crafted to fill specific narrative or character arc needs.

But characters are another story! The world of Sam and Fuzzy is full of such weird and diverse people and creatures... it's very easy to slip an unusual character in even when they were originally designed for another project. (Theophilus the cat is a good example of this.)

"I saw news about this and couldn't help but being immediately reminded of Sam and Fuzzy. Snoop "Lion" telling everyone he wants to make an album without any rapping just seemed like something out of the Noosehead storyline. I hope the guy doesn't mysteriously die soon... I suppose this isn't really a Q&A style question. I just wanted to let you, and hopefully many other readers, know that reality is totally about to rip you off." -Jon

It's OK. I rip off reality all the time. We are totally even.

I see what you mean about that trailer! It is very easy to picture a jump cut inserted immediately after Snoop says "an album with no rapping," to Mr. Sin, watching YouTube in his darkened office, eyes narrowing.

"Referring to Wednesday's comic, is Brain actually Venom in cat form? I think Brain would make an awesome Venom in the Spiderman universe!" -Nick

Brain is... complicated. I probably shouldn't get into it because, you know... spoilers! He'd be a fun stand-in for Venom in a Sam and Fuzzy Spider-man parody, though.

Even though I've depicted Brain exactly as I planned from day one, I have been really (delightfully) surprised by how creepy these sequences have turned out. I guess some things look a lot more disturbing on paper than they do in your head!

That's a wrap for this week! Come back on Monday for SPLASH PAGE ACTION.

-Sam Logan

Aug 1, 2012


Geeze, how is it August already? And it's going to be a busy month for me, too, with appearances both at Anime Revolution here in Vancouver and at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto... not to mention kicking off a new volume of comics, assembling the print version of Under the Influence, designing some new merch, and trying to get the new website up and running. How on earth did I do all this stuff back when it wasn't my full-time job, again? (Answer: I did a lot less of it, much more slowly.)

Our little prologue to Sam and Fuzzy Ruined Everything wraps up on Friday! Come back then for our next strip, plus a new round of reader Q and A. (And as always, if you have a question you want to submit for the column, just drop it into an email with "Q and A" in the subject line.)

-Sam Logan

Jul 30, 2012


Our brand new volume, Sam and Fuzzy Ruined Everything, kicks off today! A short prologue introduction will run this week; then we plunge head-on into our first chapter next Monday.

I am super excited about this volume, team. This "era" of the strip is pretty different -- as different as any I've ever done before -- but I've been building to it for a long time, and I think it's going to deliver a particularly big "pay-off" for all you long-time readers out there.

It's also surprisingly new-reader friendly, considering how much it builds off of the previous stories, which probably makes it a good time to spread the word a little more aggressively than usual. But! I've got a little house-keeping to take care of around here before I really start trying to push the comic on newbies in earnest. Our Archive and New Reader sections are more than a little out-of-date, but I've got brand new versions coming along with a completely revamped Sam and Fuzzy website in the not-to-distant future. Anticipate!

-Sam Logan