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Aug 27, 2012

Fan Expo'd

Thanks to everyone for a great Fan Expo! It was wonderful to see so many new folks at the booth. But it was also great to see so many familiar faces from last year! You guys are all the best. ALL OF YOU.

We had a really awesome booth this year! It was a little tight on the inside, but it was triple-sided, which gave both Alina and I a ton of room to draw! (And also to advertise our ability to do so.) And as a result, I wound up doing more convention commissions than I usually do. It was great! I had a ton of fun drawing all the different, occasionally super-weird ideas people came up with. I posted photos of a few of them to my tumblr, if you'd like to see them.

I think I'm going to try to alot more space in my future convention booths to at-the-booth commission drawing. It's definitely something I enjoy... and it seemed to be something attendees were really into as well. I think in the past, my table has been so covered with all my other stuff that most folks don't even realize I do commissions at all. Having the space to make a clearly defined drawings area and display a few sample pieces made a huge difference!

-Sam Logan

Aug 24, 2012

Fan Expo Toronto

Alina and I are knee-deep in Toronto's Fan Expo over here! Are you at the show, too? Come find us at booth 440 and say hello.

Anyhow, that's all for today... lots of work to do! Our next comic arrives on Monday. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Aug 22, 2012

Fan Expo Toronto

Today I am in Toronto, setting up for Canada's biggest comic-con: Fan Expo! The four day show starts tomorrow, and I am ready where it counts... in my guts.

Like last year, I'm splitting a booth with my pal Alina from Weregeek! Booth #440, to be exact. (And as an added bonus, it's not in a dark doorway this time!) Here's where you can find us on the show floor map. (Click it to see the entire map.)

As usual, we're both bringing a massive array of comics, t-shirts, prints and other fun swag. And of course, we are also both doing sketches and commissions. Hopefully we'll see a bunch of you there!

-Sam Logan