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Fangs for Nothing, Pt. 29

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Jan 18, 2013

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Surprisingly Short Answers Edition
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"I feel like I'm missing a super big reference here. So just to clarify, is "Please, call me... SEX POTTS!" a reference, or just something maniacal that popped itself out of your mind-womb?" -Allison

"Sexpot" is 50s slang for a sexy lady! Think "bombshell". If there's one person on earth who has been called a "sexpot" more times than any other, it's probably Marilyn Monroe.

"Is it really supposed to be vamp vamp? Not tramp vamp or vamp tramp?" -Noah

Intentional! That's vamp (as in vampire) and vamp (as in a femme fatale). It's a little goofy because femme fatales are called "vamps" specifically because of their metaphorical similarity to vampires, but a little goofy is how I roll.

And apparently, archaic terminology for sexy people is also how I roll!

"Is strip 486 the first appearance of Mr. Tusks?" -Jimmy

Jimmy. Are you trying to tell me all elephants look the same to you? That's speciesist, man!

That's a wrap for this week! I will return on Monday, back at home in Vancouver with another new comic for you to read.

-Sam Logan

Jan 16, 2013

Meets and eats

I have been having a heck of a time down here in Portland! But I'm also looking forward to getting home. (I MISS MY DOG.) Still, I want to make sure I cram in as much comic-related goodness as possible into my last couple of days in town.

If there are any Portlanders who were hoping to get a chance to get all up in my face before I head home, may I recommend this Thursday's Comic Rocket Meet-Up? It's an open event for anyone interested in hanging out and talking about webcomics (while eating). Shannon and I are both going, and I'll be bringing a handful of books with me in case we run into anyone is interested in nabbing one. (Alas, I don't have any copies of Vol. 3 with me... sorry!)

-Sam Logan

Jan 14, 2013

Port port port

I am still in Portland, and boy, am I meeting some talented cartoonists in this town! Just in Periscope Studio alone, there are a veritable bevy of amazingly talented folks from indie and mainstream print and web comics. And they've been kind enough to let me come work in their shared space while I'm down here -- which is a big change for someone like me who is used to working in a home studio in relative isolation. Being surrounded by so many great writers and artists while I'm working has been fun as heck, and a great motivator to boot. I am going to miss it!

And hey... if you are a Portlander yourself and want to support a local comic book store and a non-local cartoonist, the Floating World and Cosmic Monkey comic book stores now both have a limited number of signed-and-sketched-in copies of Sam and Fuzzy on their shelves! (EDIT: It sounds like Floating World might be out... I will try to get them some more tomorrow!)

-Sam Logan