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Identity Crisis, Pt. 3

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Feb 15, 2013

Sketch Off Complete

Context: Tree Penguins.

Thanks for all your awesome Sketch-Off suggestions, everyone! I think this theme may have been the most successful one we've ever done... it really seemed to get people's gears turning!

As usual, I only had time to do a tiny, tiny handful of the ideas I was sent. But in the end, I managed to draw 39 before I collapsed from exhaustion. (Mostly on the "alternate jobs" theme, but with a few Valentines-themed ones thrown in for good measure.) If you'd like to see the gallery of all 39, you can do so by clicking this big banner!

The gallery will also show you which ones have and haven't sold, should you want to nab one. (At the moment, they're a bit over half gone.)

Thanks again for your help, team. I look forward to doing it again! But in the meantime, come back on Monday for our next comic.

-Sam Logan

Feb 13, 2013

Today's the day: the Sam and Fuzzy Characters Get New Jobs Twitter Sketch-Off!

When is it happening? From Noon 'til 4pm, and again from 7pm until I get tired! Times are in PST -- Pacific Standard Time. (Click here to figure out when that is in your timezone.)

What am I doing? I'm drawing sketches of Sam and Fuzzy characters in new or unusual lines of work, based on the suggestions you all tweet me while I'm drawing. (Or email me, if twitter isn't your thing.) Hazel as a Ninja mafioso, Fuzzy as a mountain climber, Dev as a hand model, Buddy as an X-man, Sam as a celebrity girdle endorser... you pick the character and the job, and I'll pick my favourite suggestions and draw them!

Where can I see 'em?
I'll post the drawings on twitter as I finish them... or, you can watch a stream of the drawing process on livestream!

How can I buy 'em?
If you'd like to buy a drawing -- be it one that you suggested or just one that you like -- email me and let me know! As usual, I'll be selling the finished drawings for $25 each, first come first serve. Or for $50, I'll colour it with markers, like these con sketches.

All right! Let's do this thing.

-Sam Logan

Feb 11, 2013

Twitter Sketch-Off this Wednesday

The next Sam and Fuzzy Twitter Sketch-Off -- where I spend a day drawing pictures live based on reader suggestions -- is this Wednesday! And the theme, as suggested by more than a few of you, is Sam and Fuzzy characters in new jobs. Seems appropriate, considering how many of them have found themselves in new lines of work these days!

On Wednesday, I'll be drawing from noon til 4pm, and again in the evening from 7pm until I run out of steam. You can watch on Livestream, or just see the finished drawings as I post them on twitter.

While I'm drawing, you can tweet me (or email me, if twitter isn't your thing) your picks for characters and their new lines of work, be they...

- Sam and Fuzzy-verse specific jobs (Ninja Mafiosos, Erasers, Conscience Animals, etc)

- Real world jobs (accountant, lion tamer, nudist accordian player)

- Famous fictional universe jobs (superhero, starfleet office, dwarf king, warrior plumber)

...or any other thing that can be classified as a "job"! I'll pick my favourites and draw as many as I can. (In general, I favour suggestions that are on-theme and that involve only one or two characters, but I may occasionally break that rule if I really like the idea.)

As usual, I'll be selling the finished drawings for $25 each -- either to the original suggester, or the first person who asks. This time around, I'll also be colouring a few with markers for an extra $25. So if you want to buy one, or if you want to buy one in colour specifically, let me know!

-Sam Logan