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Identity Crisis, Pt. 5

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Feb 20, 2013

Custom Conscience Cat & Baker "Baffler" auctioning off now!

The crazy-talented Chris Yates, creator of countless one-of-a-kind hand-cut wood puzzles, has once again teamed-up with a bunch of webcomics folks to create some... uh... one-of-a-kind hand-cut wood puzzles!

Our collaboration resulted in the super-cute "Corgi with a Conscience" puzzle you see to your right. It is now up for auction on ebay, and can be bid on until this Friday. So if you'd like to nab a piece of unique Sam and Fuzzy-themed puzzle art -- and support a pair of independent artists in the process -- now is the time to throw your hat into the ring!

-Sam Logan

Feb 18, 2013


This is the first time I've offered to marker-colour my Sketch-Off sketches, and I've been having a lot of fun with the pieces folks have chosen for that treatment. Marker sketching is something I started to get into out of necessity -- when you do commissions for people at conventions, you can't exactly use Photoshop! -- but I've wound up really enjoying the medium and am keen to do more of it.

Most of the Sketch-Off drawings have now been scooped up, but I've still got a handful left. (You can see which ones by clicking the image below.) If you'd like to grab one of the remaining sketches, just email me and let me know. They are $25, or $50 if you'd like to exercise the marker-colouring option. (And if you've already bought one earlier and have now decided you'd like to see it coloured, just let me know! I will not be mailing them out until Tuesday.)

-Sam Logan

Feb 15, 2013

Sketch Off Complete

Context: Tree Penguins.

Thanks for all your awesome Sketch-Off suggestions, everyone! I think this theme may have been the most successful one we've ever done... it really seemed to get people's gears turning!

As usual, I only had time to do a tiny, tiny handful of the ideas I was sent. But in the end, I managed to draw 39 before I collapsed from exhaustion. (Mostly on the "alternate jobs" theme, but with a few Valentines-themed ones thrown in for good measure.) If you'd like to see the gallery of all 39, you can do so by clicking this big banner!

The gallery will also show you which ones have and haven't sold, should you want to nab one. (At the moment, they're a bit over half gone.)

Thanks again for your help, team. I look forward to doing it again! But in the meantime, come back on Monday for our next comic.

-Sam Logan