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Aug 29, 2003

Money can be exchanged for goods and services

I have been such a consumer the last few weeks. I've already tried to satiate my desire to acquire crap by picking up the new CD's from Sloan, The Dandy Warhols and Audioslave, but that hasn't been enough. By some fantastic (or horrible) twist of fate, both the Soul Calibur II and F-Zero GX Gamecube games have been released within days of each other. And then there's the Forces of Evil full length CD, Friend or Foe, which I have been meaning to get since basically forever. I yearn for these items like a impatient six-year old, which is pretty sad considering I'm turning 21 next week. For some people, I suppose, maturity hits a little later.

Like when they're sixty.

Have you been reading Scary Go Round lately? John A is really at the top of his game right now. Every new SGR script should be met with equal parts joy and amazement.

Sam Logan

Aug 27, 2003

But you can hardly swallow your fears and pain

Yes, I decided to make a follow-up to the Shopping Cart strip. I am a sick, sick person.

You might have heard that Disney, in their infinite corporate wisdom, has decided to stop making new traditionally animated movies. But if you'd like to be reminded of why this is not necessarily a bad thing, why not rent Stitch: The Movie. This 55-minute commercial for the inevitable Lilo and Stitch television series manages to mutate the franchise into a Pokemon knockoff.

In the last few years, while Disney has managed to 'produce' fantastic movies from Pixar and, more recently, Studio Ghibli, their own in-house productions have been in a total mess -- not because they were in 2D, but because they sucked. It was a complete miracle that a great movie like Lilo and Stitch made it out of the same home that produced the utter garbage that was Atlantis and Treasure Planet. Now, they've managed to ruin the only good thing they had going for them.

Disney President Michael Eisner says that American 2D-animation is dead. Well, Mike, you're right. And you killed it yourselves, your stupid bastards.

Sam Logan

Aug 25, 2003

Come on come on come on you monkeys

Well, thanks to all the reader responses to last Friday's strip, I now know more than I ever needed to know about worldwide shopping cart deposit customs. The Europeans know what I'm talking about. In Germany (I have readers in Germany?) most carts cost a Euro. Not many places in the U S of A require a deposit of any kind, but most or all American airports require two bucks to get a cart. Which leaves me asking two questions... one, who has eight quarters in their pocket, and two, why do you need a shopping cart in an airport? (Edit: Because it's a luggage cart! DUH.)

Learning about international customs is fun! It helps us all to understand one another and live in harmony. Even with those backward people with the free shopping carts. Sounds like communism to me!

In other news, the first dubbed episode of Sonic X was shown on this Saturday's Fox Box, and it didn't completely suck. Unfortunately, they changed all the music. But the old music lives on in my heart.

S! O! N! I! C! Go!

Sam Logan