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Identity Crisis, Pt. 11

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Mar 6, 2013


This week, I'm busy putting together the desktop art pieces that will make up our next free Book Club Bonus Pack! Here's a sneak peek at the one I'm working on right now:

As usual, this bonus pack will be sent out free to everyone who has picked up a copy of Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence. So if you've already bought one, you have something to look forward to! (And if you haven't, there's still time to nab one.)

-Sam Logan

Mar 4, 2013

Emerald City

Thank you, Emerald City Comic-Con goers, for being such a friendly and welcoming bunch. And for scooping up pretty much every So Excited About Whatever shirt and Sam and Fuzzy Under the Influence print collection that Topatoco brought! Believe me when I say: you really helped me kick that show's butt.

I am back in Canada now, though, and ready to tackle new tasks! Task one: assembling the next Book Club bonus pack! More info on that this Wednesday.

-Sam Logan

Mar 1, 2013

Emerald City Comic-Con starts today!

Today is the first day of this year's Emerald City Comic-Con! If you've going to be at the show, do come by and say hello! Most of the time, I'll be over at one of the two Topatoco booths -- either the main booth at #1002, or the neighboring #905. (I'm not sure which one yet... but usually, I share the smaller booth with Jeph.)

Topatoco will be selling a wide variety of their Sam and Fuzzy swag like shirts, books, prints, and other stuff! Meanwhile, I will be standing around saying hi to people and drawing silly stuff. (But if you won't be at the show, fret not! All of said swag can also be acquired in Topatoco's Sam and Fuzzy online store. They even have signed/sketch-in books, completing the fake convention experience.)

Here's a diagram to help you find the booths! Emerald City has expanded the show floor massively this year (into two halls!), so be warned... almost no one is in the same place as they were in previous years!

-Sam Logan