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Tiff, Pt. 5

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Sep 17, 2003

No one cares like a bear

I usually try to avoid direct pop-culture references that will severely date the comic in the future, but I couldn't resist this time. Heck, maybe the reference is dated already -- do people even remember the Care Bears anymore? Consider yourself lucky if you don't.

I'm very sorry about the downtime that the site experienced on Monday. Apparently, a router with an extremely vital purpose burned out, taking my site down with it. Mind you, the folks at Oktagone managed to identify and correct the problem pretty quickly, but I still hate to see the site go down for any reason.

Exciting news... Boy on a Stick and Slither (aka BOASAS) has joined Dayfree Press. As you could probably have guessed from my "recommended reading" link pad, I'm a huge fan of Steven's work. I'm thrilled that he's joined our ranks.

And speaking of awesome webcomics, has everyone read Her: Girl vs. Pig? There are very few comics that actually make me laugh out loud, but I was on the floor by the time I finished my first reading through the archives of this one. Go lookit!

Sam Logan

Sep 15, 2003

Go on and save yourself

I just finished watching the movie Ghostbusters for the first time. Yes, I said the first time. Tommorrow, I'm going to try some of these chips of potatos that I keep hearing about.

I have done a guest strip for Instant Classic that is running today. Brian's comic really is a classic, and it was very amusing for me to fill his shoes for a day, even if I might have gotten just a little carried away.

Sam Logan

Sep 12, 2003

Specific examples

You're all reading Boy on a Stick and Slither, right? It's strips like this one that remind me why I do.

Also, R Stevens has gone insane and apparently that makes for really good comics.

Finally, over at Instant Classic, Brian is running a few weeks of guest strips, and next Monday's was done by yours truly. Don't miss it!

Sam Logan