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Four-Finger Discount, Pt. 17

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Oct 2, 2013

Commission Sketch-Off Livestream this Friday!

Team: I will be doing a livestream this Friday!

Starting at 11 AM (pacific time), I'll be chatting with readers while I draw "Commissions of Fate"... colour marker pieces where the characters and subject matter are chosen live, randomly, using a 20-sided die and this chart:

Many of these pieces will be for kickstarter backers, who nabbed them as part of their pledge tier. But in the spirit of our traditional Sketch-Offs, I'm going to try to squeeze in a couple of additional pieces for any new folks watching the stream or following along on twitter would just like to get in on the art action.

Either way, it should be fun! I'm not going to know what I'll be drawing until you do. It is a journey of discovery that we will take... together.

-Sam Logan

Sep 30, 2013


Thanks for a great show, Edmonton! The Edmonton Expo is already in its second year, but you wouldn't know it from how big it has gotten. Yow!

Today Shannon and I are tackling the drive back home. But while we trek through the mountains, enjoy this comic! The next one arrives on Wednesday.

-Sam Logan

Sep 27, 2013

Edmonton Expo starts Saturday

Today, Shannon and I are making the trek through the rocky mountains to this year's Edmonton Expo! If you are going to be at the show, you can find me -- along with my pal Alina from Weregeek -- at booth #400. Can... and should. OR ELSE.

Next week -- the first of my post-con season -- is when I'll really be sinking my teeth into all the commissions and bookplates I'll be making for kickstarter backers. Starting next Friday, I'm going to be doing a few livestreams for folks who want to watch me draw 'em. (Livestream has kindly lifted the 50-viewer maximum from my streaming account, so that won't be a limiting factor anymore!) During each stream, I'll answer any reader questions... and I'll try to squeeze in a couple extra commissions for folks who missed out on the kickstarter, too. It should be fun!!

To make room for new swag, we are saying a fond farewell to the Ninja Mafia Coat of Arms shirt. It will be pulled from the Topatoco site any day now, so if you want one, get in while the getting is good!

-Sam Logan