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Four-Finger Discount, Pt. 28

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Oct 28, 2013

Halloween Sketch-Off Today!

Just a reminder, team... starting at 11am pacific time today, and then again in the evening at 7pm, I'll be live-drawing Sam and Fuzzy characters in halloween costumes, based on the suggestions you (yes you) tweet or email me! You pick the character, you pick the costume, and if I like your idea, I will make the magic happen! (Please wait until I'm actually drawing to send your ideas in, though!)

You can watch me draw live on livestream, or just head to twitter to see pictures of the drawings as I finish them.

As always, I can only draw a small fraction of the suggestions I get, but I promise to pick the ones I think sound the most awesome. Also as always, if you want to buy the drawing based on your suggestion, (or any other drawing you like, provided the suggestor doesn't call dibs), just email me and let me know. The black and white ones will be $25, and the colour ones will be $50.

How many costumes can I draw in one day? I guess we'll find out!

-Sam Logan

Oct 25, 2013


We are in the woods right now! In my wild absence, enjoy this comic. We return on Monday for another, plus our Halloween Sketch Off! See you then!

-Sam Logan

Oct 23, 2013

Halloween Sketch Off on Monday!

Kinda creeped myself out drawing this one. How... seasonally appropriate?

Speaking of the season, our annual Halloween Sketch Off will happen on Monday! As always, I'll be livestreaming as I draw pictures of Sam and Fuzzy characters in halloween costumes suggested live by our readers in the chatroom, on twitter or by email. (Here are some of the ones I drew last year!)

I will do one batch during the day, starting at 11 AM pacific time, and another batch in the evening at 7pm. So start thinking about your ideas! (But please don't send them until Monday.) As usual, I'll be happy to draw pieces for folks who are looking to buy the original when it's done, but I'll also just be drawing a bunch of drawings based on whichever suggestions I think sound the most awesome. Should be fun!

-Sam Logan