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Prologue, Pt. 9

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Jan 22, 2014

The kickening

This is it, kickstarter backers! Your omnibuses are now shipping. You can get all the info about it right over here in this kickstarter update. Woo!

For those who didn't get a chance to back the kickstarter, Omnibuses will be available for regular purchase in the not-too-distant future. And coming a little sooner than that are ebook versions of my existing books! They will be drm-free PDFs, to start at least (since they have decent device compatibility and can support high res images). Anticipate!

Meanwhile, as is now usual, a new page of Tower of Babel will go live today at 6am pacific time! You can check it out when it's up by clicking the image below:

Click here to read page

-Sam Logan

Jan 20, 2014


Oh boy, team! It's a big week in Sam and Fuzzy town. If all goes according to plan, this is the week we ship out the Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus to our kickstarter backers! I will keep you all posted. (And if you missed the kickstarter, fret not... we'll be putting the omnibuses up for sale on Topatoco once our backers have all got 'em.)

Meanwhile, page three of Shannon and I's new Namco ShiftyLook comic, Tower of Babel went live on Sunday. You can read it, if you haven't already, by clicking the image below!

Click here to read page

Thanks for all the kind words so far. This project is pretty different for me -- working with a (great) writer, working digitally, working in colour -- but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I can't wait for you to see the rest of it! We return on Wednesday with more comics. See you then!

-Sam Logan

Jan 17, 2014

Comic and Comic

Alas, no time for a Q and A today, team. (Running a little behind this week.) But as usual, a new Sam and Fuzzy comic has arrived for your consumption, enjoyment, and analysis.

And as is now also usual, a new page of Tower of Babel will be going live on Shiftylook at 6am pacific time. Hope you like it! Because there will be a test later.

-Sam Logan