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Boundaries, Pt. 2

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Feb 3, 2014

Mailer Commission Bonanza

The 8x5.5" commission sale that I started on Friday as an excuse to use up my older minibook shipping mailers kept me pretty busy this weekend! Here's all the pieces I've drawn for folks so far:

If you'd like to get one too, you can! Single-character (or person) commissions are $25 for black and white, or $50 for colour. (And as you can see, a few people have really wanted multiple characters, so I've been doing those too for a little extra.) Just email me with your idea and I will make it happen.

I also drew these extra four RPG-inspired Sam and Fuzzy pics during a weekend D and D game. They are unclaimed and up for grabs at the same prices, if anyone is interested.

Meanwhile, the next page of Tower of Babel went live on Sunday! If you haven't already, you can read it RIGHT NOW by clicking the image below.

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-Sam Logan

Jan 31, 2014

Mailer Purge Commission sale

Sam and Fuzzy Missing Inaction: it beings! (Or rather, it began, three weeks ago.)

Team, I am attempting to tidy my office, and I have discovered I have a rather ungainly pile of 5.5x8.5" mailers. They are relics from the day when I used to make and ship my own Sam and Fuzzy minibooks! (Remember those?)

To help eliminate this problem, I'm doing a special mailer-utilizing commission sale. For $25 ($50 for marker colours) + $5 for shippin', I will draw you a picture of the character or person of your choice. Just email me or tweet me if you are interested!

Unlike the sketch-offs, I'm not limiting this to Sam and Fuzzy characters or specific costume, parody or pin-up themes. (Although those are fine, too!) It can be anyone, in anything. It can even be your Sonic fan character. If you do not have a Sonic fan character I will invent one for you. His name is Velvetdash. (I am pretty serious about using up these mailers.)

In other news, a new Tower of Babel goes live at 6am today! Once it goes live, you'll find it by clicking the image below. This one contains an important turn of events.

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-Sam Logan

Jan 29, 2014

Title time

Four weeks in, we are almost at the title page of our newest volume! What will the title be? That would be telling! But here are some of the other options that, tragically, didn't make the cut:

-Sam and Fuzzy Get it Together

-Sam and Fuzzy are Very, Very Sorry

-Sam and Fuzzy Sit Around the House

-Sam and Fuzzy and the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Curse of the Black Pearl

-Sam and Fuzzy vs. Mothra

-Sam and Fuzzy and Max

A new page of Tower of Babel goes up at 6am pacific time. Everything is working properly with the site again, so you can enjoy your reading experience unimpeded. Anticipate!

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-Sam Logan