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Off the Sauce, Pt. 18

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Apr 18, 2014

Fan Expo Vancouver Starts today! If you're going to be at the show, do swing by booth 824 and say hello! I'll be drawing lots of sketches and commissions, and peddling a broad array of swag -- including 11 different t-shirt designs and both versions of the Omnibus! That, my friends, is a lot of stuff worth of bolding.

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Mini Edition
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"When is the fourth book going to print? I personally love having the actual books to read and I can't wait for "Ruined Everything" to be available." -Tom

We took a year off from publishing our regular print collections to do the Omnibus, but we're back at it this year and should be releasing Volume 4 sometime this fall. Meanwhile, the Omnibus itself will be going up for regular sale any day now. It's going to be a good year for Sam and Fuzzy books!

"Gertrude has a point.  Why is Devahi dressed like six gerbils (with nipple tassles!) in a sexy human Ninja costume?" -David

Because she IS six gerbils with nipple tassles in a sexy human ninja costume! Way to spoil the end of this chapter for everyone, David.

We return on Monday. See you then!


-Sam Logan


When is the fourth book going to print? I personally love having the actual books to read and I can't wait for "Ruined Everything" to be available.

Apr 16, 2014

What did you do?!?

(Reminder of what he did.)

I couldn't help but notice there's been an upswing in sales of my pin-up art ebook this past week or so. I am going to assume it's because this current storyline teased, and then totally didn't deliver, gerbils wearing nipple tassels. I feel it's only fair to warn you that there are no gerbils in the ebook, either. There IS one set of nipple tassels, though! Alphonso is wearing them. (It's a pretty sexy book.)

This Friday: A new comic! A new round of Q and A! And Fan Expo Vancouver! If you are going to be at the show, you can find us at booth 824. Hope to see you there!

-Sam Logan

Apr 13, 2014

Darwin some

So, a bunch of you have asked about the possibility of Darwin some, darlose some shirts. I wouldn't want to do another actual Conscience-Cat-holding-a-sign shirt, but I've got a few possible ideas for other visuals, so I'll see what I can do! Find the right visual to go with a verbal punchline is a fun process. Sometimes I land on one I really like, and we get designs like Rewrite History! Sometimes I never do, and we get designs like the many, many comic-punchline based shirt concepts that never made it out of my sketchbook.

Convention season is in full force! Starting this Friday, it's Vancouver Fan Expo! And then next week, it's Calgary Expo. I hope to see a bunch of you at both. (And I hope I have enough copies of the Omnibus up here to last for both shows!)

-Sam Logan