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Off the Sauce, Pt. 24

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May 2, 2014

Sam and Fuzzy Q & A: Positive Edition
Got a question you want answered? Just drop me an email with "Q & A" in the subject line!

"I was wondering if I could buy an [Artist Edition] bookplate on its own, since I already have the Omnibus. If so, how much would it cost?" -Cam

Yes! If you'd like to buy a bookplate for your existing Omnibus -- or a second one, if you'd like to have one in both volumes -- you can buy them on their own right here! It costs the same to buy a bookplate and an Omnibus separately as it does to get them both together, so you haven't missed out on anything. You can also get full colour bookplates if you'd like to splurge!

"When we first met Gertrude, she was facing certain legal difficulties - I was wondering if that ever got cleared up, or if things are still a bit dicey for her on the surface?" - Chatham

Yes! That's probably the main reason why her business empire operates entirely underground. I don't think anyone is especially proactively looking for Gert above ground anymore, and I'm sure she pokes her nose out up there from time to time, but she's still a wanted fugitive.

"I was wondering about Mr. X and Mr. Y. Did you always plan for them to look the way they were revealed to in Wednesday’s comic, or did you include that specifically for the sake of Saucy Hippo entertainment?" -Austin

Yes! Or at least, the revelation that Y and X were gorgeously and thuggishly handsome (respectively) has been canon in the back of my brain for an extremely long time. It just seemed like... the way it should be.

"Wow so X and Y unmasked sure do look...nice. You lining up characters for a Slipshine contribution?" -Clara

Yes! Wait... no. Sorry, I just got a little carried away, there. (But not, like, that carried away.) Adult comics are fun and all, but I don't think anyone is clamouring for hot X and Y action.


-Sam Logan

Wow so X and Y unmasked sure do look...nice. You lining up characters for a Slipshine contribution?

Wow so X and Y unmasked sure do look...nice. You lining up characters for a Slipshine contribution?

Apr 30, 2014

Free Comic Book Day at Metropolis Comics this weekend

I'm not sure why Catopians favour such sphere-based architecture. But hey, at least they are consistent about it!

What are you doing for Free Comic Book Day this Saturday? I, for one, will be at Metropolis Comics' Free Comic Day event, along with Ed Brison, Steve Rolston, Simon Roy, and a bunch of other cool local cartoonists. You should come on by! There are going to be raffles and prizes and, of course, lots of free comic books. (And I'll also be bringing a few of my own slightly-less free books, if you'd like to pick one up.)

-Sam Logan

Apr 28, 2014

Good news, everyone!

The Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus is now on sale online on Topatoco!

The massive two-volume collection of the first 7 years of Sam and Fuzzy -- made possible by a bevy of incredible kickstarter backers -- is now available to one and all!

You can select either the regular paperback or the deluxe hardcover box set version on the order page. And because we have a few extra left over from the kickstarter, you also have the option of throwing in the bonus pack -- six buttons, three postcards and a print. Just follow your heart!

We're also offering artist editions, which included a fully inked-and-shaded drawing of the character of your choice. (And a personalized message, if you'd like one!) Because I live pretty far away from where the books are shipped, I will mail you the drawing myself, in a separate package, on a special adhesive bookplate that you can stick inside your copy of the Omnibus!

I'm really excited to finally have these available to you all! They're an investment, for sure, but I think even with the shipping they're still a huge value for the quantity of content. There are over 1500 pages of comics in this collection... including a brand new intro story, alternate ending, author commentary section, and wide array of other exclusive comics and concept art. Plus, they're just really friggin' pretty. It blows my mind that we were able to make that crazy deluxe box set. (Thank you, kickstarter friends!)

-Sam Logan