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Roll for Initiative, Pt. 8

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Jul 30, 2014


Today's comic features a rare re-appearance from X and Y's predecessors, Mr. Blank and Mr. Black! (And also a younger X and Y.) Those of you who are unfamiliar with them... maybe now is the time to take the plunge and read the Noosehead arc! It's not required, but I bet you'll probably like it!

You can find the entire Noosehead saga online in the archive, or nab it in pretty collected form in the Sam and Fuzzy Omnibus! (Which is also available in PDF ebook form, if that is your preference.)

We return on Friday, with a new comic and a new round of Q and A! See you then, team.

-Sam Logan

Jul 28, 2014

Don't even

A new comic arrives! And as it does, Shannon and I are completing our trek home from our summer vacation. So enjoy your series of words and panels. A new one arrives on Wednesday!

-Sam Logan

Jul 25, 2014

Paxton Towers

If you haven't read it before -- or if you'd just like a refresher -- the Paxton Towers job was chronciled back in the Big Cheat flashback chapter of Sam and Fuzzy Fix Your Problem. It features a cameo from a fan-favourite (and now deceased) S&F character, and one gratiutous use of pop music.

We return on Monday with our next strip. See you then!

-Sam Logan